Connections Jan 2015 - Page 2

CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE January 2015 Editor Rhoda D'Ettore Welcome to the second issues of Connections Magazine, published by independent authors to connect readers with new works. Within these pages, you will find sample chapters of books that are currently available, new or upcoming releases, blogs that are worth reading, and reviews of the books top Amazon Reviewer, Lacie Redding, finds impressive. Our intent is to touch on all subjects of fiction and non-fiction, including lifestyle issues, religion, politics, and more. Please be sure to make recommendations or submit requests to Please be sure to sign up for our subscription to automatically receive FREE issues of our upcoming magazine. All photos within this magazine will take you to either the sales links or author blogs. Any article or book within these pages is the opinion of that author and does not reflect the views of this magazine or its editor, Rhoda D'Ettore. Any charity event discussed is for promotional reasons only, and it is recommended all potential donors research organizations before making any contributions.