Connections Jan 2015 - Page 18

pleaded. I considered my flame haired friend for a millisecond before committing. “Aye, of course I will, as long as you’re certain it’s what you want.” She frowned. “What, to become a witch or go to this meeting?” “The meeting, dear heart. I have no problem with you trying out witchcraft; all that communing with nature is so you. I’m just none too sure about this group.” We both studied the website on Alison’s laptop. “Look at this list of events.” I pointed to one corner of the screen. “Like this one: ‘Self-development through equine partnership’. What’s that all about?” “But that’s only one thing,” Alison protested. “Look at the rest. Crystal dowsing, aura reading, herbalism, etcetera, etcetera.” “Okay, okay! Of course I’ll come with you. It can’t hurt to go to one meeting, can it?” How wrong could I have been? I know that at the first whiff of strong magic I should have run in the opposite direction. But no, that whiff had been so enticing: aromas of strawberries and cream and chocolate all rolled into one. Someone had studied the Facebook group I’d set up for my gym clients, and discovered exactly what would make me hesitate just that fraction of a second too long. I stared out through the glass. Despite the three hundred and sixty degree vision of my fluid form, I could see nothing but blank brick walls and benches. Stuff littered every surface: wicker baskets, beakers, jars of herbs and cages of fluffy bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, rats, chic