Connections Jan 2015 - Page 13

for all the jealousy that she’d been exhibiting toward Todd. Her mind drifted to her other friends in town. She thought about David and Mike. Their friendship was strange—a kind of love-hate relationship. Their antique store fronted Main Street with two wide picture windows. Their unique shop, aptly called Artsy, was loaded with furniture, lamps, and art. Most of their business was procured from the new artists that they searched out and discovered in the local area. Next door to Artsy was Linda’s shop. Her corner store provided her with ample views of the walkway, beach, and ocean. She was also afforded close-up views of Todd’s building across the narrow street. The only other store on the side street was Nirvana, Shana’s horoscope reading, incense, and novelty shop. Shana floated around her store as light as air…wearing her long flowing skirts…with her ready smile and b &