Connections Jan 2015 - Page 10

David was tall and muscular; Mike was outgoing and aggressive, while David was more serious and quiet. Her thoughts were interrupted by Shana’s sudden announcement. Shana stood up and began to wave her arms around. She shouted loud enough for everyone to hear. “Let’s have a barbeque on the beach for dinner. We could sit around, watch the sunset…then decide whether we should go to this party or not. Maybe the new owner of End House is as wealthy as the other residents on the hill. I’m absolutely dying to see how the other half lives.” Linda wondered why Shana was acting so chipper all of a sudden. One minute she was acting annoyed, and the next minute she was planning a barbeque. Shana had to be planning something, but no one else seemed to notice the devious expression on her ohso-innocent face. With plans to meet later, they dispersed to their own apartments. Living in the northernmost unit—directly below End House—Shana reached her apartment first. She ran in and closed the door. Linda stopped herself from following her friend; she’d find out later what was going on with her. Louise’s apartment was next; she also scooted inside without looking back or saying goodbye. Louise used to have a cheerful personality, but in the past week she’s become moody and distant. Mike and David waved goodbye and entered their two bedroom suite. At least they looked happy. The following apartment appeared dark, which meant that the sullen Gregg Harris was still bartending at the Oasis Hotel’s restaurant. Linda wasn’t too fond of him, and had never understood why Judy, one of Todd’s close friends, dated him. Linda stopped to dart a quick glance over her shoulder, only to find Todd staring straight at her. This took her by complete surprise. Her heart picked up a quicker and happier tempo. Traitor, she admonished her heart. Todd had never before shown her any hint of interest. So why should things change now? He met her searching look headon with a dark one of his own before he nodded to her and turned to walk away. While she watched his slow retreat through the sand, she warned herself to be more careful with her heart in the future. Todd’s suite was located in the second set of apartments. His neighbor and good friend, Ryan Mason, was the manager of the Oasis Hotel. Judy Broom lived in the following apartment. She was the receptionist at the hotel and Gregg’s long-time girlfriend. The last unit belonged to Edward Cross and Tom Linley. They were college buddies, who owned the town’s hardware store. They were the youngest members of their group, having only recently graduated from college. Mike, David, and Louise were twenty-four— just like her and Shana. Gregg, Ryan, Judy, and Todd had grown up together in town. They were in their late twenties but somehow, Todd seemed older and wiser. His eyes looked sad. What had those eyes witnessed? She wanted to understand Todd better. She wanted to understand how he thought…and what he thought about her. According to many rumors circulating through town, Todd owned not only his own office building in town, but all of the new stores along Main Street—which were presently being rented by Linda and her friends —and the entire apartment complex by the beach. Linda had never asked Todd whether the rumors were true or not; he had never volunteered