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graduate level courses and makes presentations across North America on various educational topics. A bachelor of arts in Elementary Education, master of arts in Teacher and Instructional Strategies, and a doctor of education in Educational Technology and Distance Learning, equips Flynt to support and train Kentucky-Tennessee Conference teachers to be their best. “She is ready to take on a new administrative role and use her experience and knowledge to aid teachers in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference.  “It is my belief that her abilities will help our Education Department continue to grow and improve what we can offer our teachers and students,” Stephen Bralley, Kentucky-Tennessee Conference Superintendent of Education. Flynt moved to Tennessee with her husband, Guy, in July and is looking forward to being closer to her daughter and young grandchildren.  BY STEPHEN BRALLEY Superintendent of Education What’s Trending? T he term “trending” has become prevalent in recent years. The dictionary defines it as; “something currently popular or widely discussed online, especially on social media websites.” It also means; “a change or development towards something new or different.” We see the results of cultural trends in our lives and especially our churches. George Barna, in a recent article about why people don’t talk about their faith, says, “People who don’t talk very often about faith offer different reasons but most of these fall into two broad categories: avoidance and ambivalence.” Millennials especially are reluctant to offend, or appear intolerant of other’s beliefs and so do not share. If this is true, it means in ministry we must find new ways to share our faith! Wom en’s Ministries (WM) is dedicated to disciple women to follow the call of Jesus’ great commission in Matthew! It is what drives us in planning our 2019 WM “trending” calendar of events! Included next year will be a one-day event for 5th- 8th grade girls and their mothers, leadership training, praying for your spouse, and the amazing Couple’s Getaway in February! Our exciting newest happening coming in July 2019 is Imagine U! This will be a one-day event in Madison, Tennessee to reach those in the community who need free dental care, job training, health and cooking training! Ask your local WM leader for more information on “what’s trending” in WM! BY GAIL McKENZIE Women’s Ministries Director Kentucky-Tennessee Conference 7