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President’s Perspective Prayer Alert H name I learned, was Rick. He was a service e was a total stranger when we first met. His technician who arrived at my home to repair the air conditioner. He wasn’t very talkative, at least not initially. However, because I was interested in the problem that had caused my AC to leak water throughout my attic, I dialoged with him as he evaluated the issue and then recommended a plan to fix it. In less than an hour, he was finished and because I had, likely to the level of annoyance, asked many questions of him both professional and personal, he had grown comfortable to the point of asking me a question, “So, what do you do for your work?” I enjoy it when people ask me this because it sometimes opens a door to connect on topics far more important than broken air conditioners. “I’m in ministry and I work for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” Rick had never heard of my Church. However, as he spent a few minutes writing up the bill, he shared with me how he attended a Pentecostal church where he grew up in Minnesota. Living now in Nashville, he hadn’t found a church in the area that he felt was faithful to the Word. “Oh, you would like my Church,” I replied, “because I can’t think of any other Church that takes the Bible more seriously than we do.” Rick thought about that for a moment and then said, “What’s the name of your church again? Seven day who?” I smiled and explained the Sabbath and the Advent and why they are so important. A moment later, Rick had hand- ed me my receipt and pre- pared to leave. “Rick. Do you mind if I pray with you before you go?” I asked. His reply was quick, “Sure.” As I said 2 Connection