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Keep Planting F or many years, Jim* and Carol* had shared their Seventh-day Adventist beliefs with their very special friends George* and Carly.* Not wanting to offend or pressure George and Carly, they carefully planted seeds and occasionally invited George to sing with them for church. As a result, George and Carly, on their own, began studying the Sabbath truth and Carly especially was curious about the Millennium. When Carol heard her church was presenting the Understand Bible Prophecy meetings and Friday night’s topic was the Millennium, she immediately invited George and Carly to come. It seemed God was providing another opportunity to find the truth of the Bible. Since Jim and Carol were singing for the meeting, they decided to Bible Prophecy Meetings ask George to join them! Following the meeting, the Pastor and Jim suggested both George and Carly come back the next morning for Sabbath School and church so George could sing again! They readily agreed and, consequently, returned for Saturday night’s presentation! Afterwards, the student evangelist from Southern Adventist University spent time sharing Scriptures affirming the teaching of the Sabbath and answering other questions posed by George and Carly. The following day, Sunday, George and Carly in a chance encounter connected with another couple who were also Seventh-day Adventists. Though they too had periodically shared with George and Carly, they were not aware of the extent of their search for the truth about the Sabbath! In the conversation, Carly disclosed they had just attended some meetings with Jim and Carol and had really enjoyed them. She excitedly admitted both she and George were convicted that Saturday was the true Sabbath! Surprised and overjoyed with hugs and hand clasping, their friends encouraged and affirmed George and Carly’s decision and supported them in their newfound belief! Later when Carly called Jim and Carol and shared the news of their decision, they too were amazed and grateful! Jim and Carol acknowledge clearly the work of the Holy Spirit in all the continued on page 14 Kentucky-Tennessee Conference 13