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DON’T MISS AN ISSUE! FALL = HARVEST A MESSAGE FROM PEAVEY INDUSTRIES CEO DOUG ANDERSON Top photo by Drew Kenworthy. F all is harvest time, and that’s why it is probably my favourite time of the year. It’s when the culmination of our efforts all year reach their peak, hopefully with abundance. We celebrate with Thanksgiving in every home, and at Harvest Festivals in many farming communities across Canada. As we work hard in the Fall to maximize our yield, we also have an acceptance that Winter is coming. With numerous cold months ahead, it is the perfect opportunity to cozy up in our favourite chair, reflect on the past season and begin our spring planning. When Spring arrives again, we’ll put this Fall’s resources and this Winter’s planning to the test and start all over again. In this issue, we bring you articles for your Fall and Winter reading in that favourite chair. Learn about how the issue of carbon sequestration affects Ontario and Western provinces differently (page 9). For another take on energy, learn how Alternative Goes Mainstream (page 18). Find out what makes a champion sheepdog (page 29) and why sheep are the choice vocation of several stay-at-home moms (Sheep Moms, page 28). Lincoln Electric provides welding tips (page 39) and we’ve also got tips on fall composting (page 26). If you’ve been RV-ing this Summer, make sure to take all the steps to winterize your RV (page 16). Before your farm’s pond freezes over, read about tips to optimize its health (page 14). Once those ponds and lakes are frozen over, consider the strange allure of ice fishing (page 27). Of course you’ll need warm outerwear (What Keeps You Warm, page 23). Or, if you’re staying warm inside, learn about the habits of the hardy birds that winter in Canada, and how to attract more of them (page 45). We’re always thinking about how we can be more relevant to our rural customers and neighbours. This year, we took a big step to be relevant with our multi-faceted support of STARS air ambulance. By the time you read this, STARS clothing and other items will be in stock exclusively at Peavey Mart, and every purchase helps keep STARS in the air. Read more about STARS on page 42. Our previous magazines are online at Fall 2018 We hope you enjoy this issue, and appreciate your suggestions to connect with your interests and lifestyle. Send your feedback to W 5