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water tank. Fill with fresh water and run all the water outlets until they smell of bleach and leave for at least 12 hours. Drain the system and run till it no longer smells of bleach. BATTERIES ü Turn off the RV disconnect and breaker switches and remove a single battery (after labeling the negative cable) and store in a warm dry place. If your RV has multiple battery systems just remove the negative cable and check the manual for advice. Keep stored batteries off concrete as it drains them. Check battery charge through winter and recharge if needed every 3 months. If the water level in a battery is below the plates, charge the battery first then add distilled water if needed. CRITTERS AND OTHER DETAILS ü Check the underside of your camper for places mice or insects can crawl in and seal any gaps. ü A sheet of fabric softener in each cupboard, under mattresses and cushions can keep out mice and other unwelcome guests. Fall 2018 û Seasoned campers warn against putting softener sheets in the same cupboard as aluminum pots and pans. “Everything you cook in them tastes of fabric softener,” says one. “No matter how much you wash them, you can’t get that taste out.” ü Turn off the propane. The gas attracts spiders and insects. Mothballs near, not on, the stove burners can keep them away. ü Check the seals on windows and doors and re-caulk if needed. They take a beating from the sun and then another from the cold. Lower blinds to cut sun damage. Lubricate locks and hinges with graphite lube. Washing and drying the awning can prevent mildew smells in spring as long as it’s dry before you put it away. Make sure tires are at full inflation before you store your rig – they can lose 1 or 2 psi a month over winter. Covering the wheels can reduce sun damage. W Helen McMenamin is a freelance writer living in Lethbridge. Since coming to Canada for graduate studies, she has raised pigs, wheat and canola as well as writing and editing for several magazines and science journals. She is passionate about farming and the environment. 17