ConnectEd Summer 2015 - Page 8

connected is published by the GISD Communications Department, printed in-house by GISD Printing Services and distributed to approximately 105,000 households. 8 Board of Trustees Larry Glick President Garland Independent School District P.O. Box 469026 Garland, TX 75046-9026 Scott Luna Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Garland, TX 75046 Permit No. 22 Vice President Linda Griffin Secretary Rick Lambert *****************E C R W S S ****************** Assistant Secretary Charles Axe Dr. Cindy Castañeda Local Postal Customer Robert Selders Jr. Superintendent around GISD f i r s t Dr. Bob Morrison d a y ➊ m e m o r i e s ➌ ➎ ➐ ➋ ➍ ➏ ➑ 1 alphabetical order. We became inseparable best friends, and are still dear friends today. 3 Bob Morrison, GISD Superintendent, Garland – I walked to school with my brother and sister to Ms. McCain’s class. She was a great teacher but we had no air conditioning and couldn’t wear shorts. We all had Big Chief tablets, though! 4 Mitch Bates, Chief of Police, Garland Police Department – I was in sixth grade. I enjoyed returning to school to see my friends and looked forward to playing school sports–baseball, football and basketball. 5 Kim Marsh, Principal, Sewell Elementary School, Sachse – In the sixth grade I begged my mom to get me a new pair of Yo-Yo shoes. My mom surprised me with a pair that she bought and kept hidden until the big day. 6 Veruschka Vasquez, teacher, Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence, Garland – Last year, for the first time instead of driving alone to work, I was driving with my daughter. She was excited to start kindergarten at Walnut Glen and I was full of joy. I was finally going to work with my little companion. 7 Todd Gottel, Mayor, City of Rowlett – My favorite memories are the optimistic feelings produced by wearing that new first-day-of-school outfit, walking onto campus and seeing all of my old friends, and looking forward to making new ones! 8 Ricky McNeal, President, NAACP Garland Unit – When I could finally Larry Glick, President, GISD Board of Trustees, Rowlett – The first day of my senior year, the school’s math team selected me as captain. Yes, we were nerds, but the term was not yet in wide use. We went on to defeat the top New York City high schools, and be featured in local and national newspapers. 2 Jody Luna, PTA member, Garland – My fifth birthday was the day before the kindergarten deadline. On the first day, I met the girl behind me while standing in ➒ use my new Batman lunchbox I picked out myself. No one else had a lunch box like it. Then after lunch, we were told we would be integrating with students from Southside Elementary. 9 Dianne Shaw, teacher, Lyles Middle School, Garland – In junior high, my parents gave me a little more flexibility. Walking to and from school with my friends was one of the coolest and most memorable experiences of my school days. 10 Rick Coleman (not pictured), Fire Chief, Sachse Fire Department – I was a freshman at Garland High School. No orientations indicated which cafeteria was for freshmen. I flipped a coin in my mind, and wandered into one. I saw people who were much bigger than me, and all the males had facial hair— wrong one!