Connect Summer 2017 - Page 23

63% of workers say they expect that the standard eight- hour workday will be obsolete, according to FlexJobs. The Rise of Flexible Working SURVEYING THE OPTIONS There are a variety of ways you can implement flexible work options into your business' policies. Let’s take a look at a few of the options: It seems like we’re all striving for work/life balance these days. Help your employees find their comfort zone by offering them flexible work opportunities. � REMOTE WORK/TELECOM- MUTING. This arrangement is pretty straightforward. Rather than requiring all employees to perform their work inside the office, this policy allows employees to work remotely at least part of the time. How this looks for your business will vary. You may require employees to be in the office a set number of days of the week, but allow telecommuting on other days. Or you may allow for the occasional remote work in times of need. Î Î FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS. Do you really need all of your employees in the office at t R6RFS"f FR6RV&W"bW'2WfW'F&&&ǒBfW&Rv&W"Ɩ6W26FRVFP7G'V7GW&W2R6ffW"VVW0FR&ƗGFv&FV"6WBV&W bW'>( G6C( FvWfW"FW( @ƖRv6vVBrFVFv&vW"6RF2BW72 BBFW'2"R67F&WV&R7V6f2V&W"bW'0v&VBV6F'WBrW VVW2FFWFW&֖RvBW'0FW( BƖRFv&ॖV'2vv&fB6VǒFFR&FW6RF2B&&VǐFW2vRfBW'6VfW2v&rvW"BG'rFfBvFf@W"f֖Ǟ( 27FfFW2&VBW"v&66VGVRbv^( &Rf6r6ЦVvW2BR7V62vr&VG2F6&Rf""6Bv( 266B&V6W2&R6Ɩ6FVBFvR&Fv&BRƖfR2VW"FW&R&RF2FBR6ffW"FBvV&6Rv&BƖfRFwBv''RvwB&RRf7B66&FrFv&BBv&#R7GVGWFRb'W6W76W2pffW"6Rf&bfW&Rv&GFW"vBGRbƖ7RVFFVǒ66R'vfpW"VVW26RfW&ƗG^( 6VR7&V6RVVP6F6f7FBvW"WfVbFfFB&GV7FfGFPv&FWW&f&8 8त"4$rF2Ɩ7w2GvVVW2F'FW FvWFW"FfR&RvFW 6FWW76VFǒ7ƗBFPFRbvF6RfW&Frf"G&6fW"bf&F&WB&V7G2g&RFFPFW"F2w2&FVVW0Fv&'BFR&62vFw&VFW"fW&ƗGW&f&֖pFV""&W76&ƗFW2$TB%d$$U>( #r( U$4( 2$U5B$>( 4T5BdD5TU"#r4"4#