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According to CustomShow, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in your brain than text. Nail the Next Presentation Planning a pitch for your latest business endeavor? Whether you’re in search of a private loan or partner, consider these tips for your presentation. Build a pitch like a house—start with a solid foundation and story, be transparent, customize for the audience and top it off with a follow-up. 1 Foundation. This is the basis for asking. Tell a story that sells your product and hooks the audience. Creating an experience builds emotion instead of just delivering a speech. 2 Windows. Build transparency into your plan, which includes projected outcomes, realistic challenges and a purposeful partnership. What resources will this partner most likely contribute? Consider how your idea could provide meaningful return that aligns with the investor. 3 Customization. “Know your audience” is an understate- ment. Gain a clear understanding of what your audience values and why they’re interested in gaining from the expe- rience. Alter your pitch to present crucial measurements you predict would be most significant for the prospective partner. 4 Top it off. Follow up after your pitch. This opens the door for feedback on how you can improve or alter your idea. Whether they approve or reject your proposal, that feed- back can help refine the message or product. Add these elements together, The Interior of Your Proposal You don’t have to be a design guru to create an eye-catching financial proposal. Think of building your presentation like the interior of a room—step-by-step watch it take shape. Once you have your business proposal together, try applying these tips to ensure it’s a visual success. and you'll get a strategic and appealing financial proposal you’ll be proud to share. Î Î ADD PAINT. Start by applying the 10/20/30 rule to anchor the look and feel of your proposal. For PowerPoint, aim for 10 slides, 20 minutes, and 30-point font. Î Î PROVIDE PERSONAL TOUCHES. Implement repetition, alignment, and proximity with messaging and spacing to help convey your corporate brand. Î Î INCORPORATE ACCENTS. Focus on contrast. Keep colors, sizes, and shapes balanced and positioned evenly on each slide. Also try adding in your business's colors and overall aesthetic to help brand the presentation. Î Î FIND FURNITURE. Visit online marketplaces like GraphicRiver where you can purchase predesigned templates. This will offer you the necessary design elements for a cohesive look. Learn more about Sterling National Bank services that can help your business. Call your relationship manager or Client Services at 855.274.2800. RANKED BY FORBES’ 2017 “AMERICA’S 100 BEST BANKS” // CONNECT INNOVATION SUMMER 2017 // SNB.COM | 21