Connect Summer 2017 - Page 16

Organizations that master the art of customer experience will emerge winners among their competitors, and journey mapping is a great place to start.  STEP 1: Give Your Customer a Life Design your journey map with specific customers in mind, based on a research-driven understanding of the way they interact with your brand. This strategy is best accomplished by creating customer personas, or detailed composite sketches of key customer segments. Ideally, you should have three to five fictional representations of different customer groups. Personas vary across businesses, but most contain basic demographics, information on work life, goals, and interests. For a deeper dive, pull testimonials or quotes from existing customers that fit the persona you are modeling and find a picture of someone that best portrays that persona.  STEP 2: Identify Touchpoints Throughout the sales journey, your customers will interact with your brand through different channels. These touchpoints represent "hotspots" where you have an opportunity to improve your customer’s experi- ence. Make a list of the different times and places your customer connects with your business, such as online, in-person, in-store, by phone, or even using your product after purchase.  STEP 3: Chart Your Customer’s Actions Leverage existing data or assumptions to build a hypothetical customer journey. Start with a linear timeline of the actions each customer might take, and then think about what need arose that your business answers. When did the customer learn about your product or service? Did he or she research you online? Did the customer call or visit your store or office? Use these ques- tions to weave your customer through the entire begin- nin Ѽɹ+ԁMQ@ Ёѡ) ͥȁ܁ѕɅѥ́ЁѼͥѥٔ)ѥٔɥȁȁѽȁ䁍ѥ)ѡȁѡ՝́ѥٕ́Ѽѡȁѥ̸%ѕ)ЁѽՍ́ѱ䰁ͥȁ)ɕѥѼݡЁѡѽȁ́Ѽ͠)ݡЁѥ́ȁ́ݥɽȁɕٕЁ)ȁɽѼѡЁхݡЁՕѥ́)Չ́ѡѽȁ́Ёѡ́х+ԁMQ@5%Ё=)=ѡѥ́єӊéѥѼх)ͥȁɹ䁵݅ѡЁЁԴ)ѕ́ѼȁɝѥQɅ͡ձ)ɱ䁥Ʌєѡمɥ́ѽՍ́)չѥѽȁչѕ́ݥѠ)ȁ䰁ݥѠѡѥ̰ѡ՝̰)́Ё͔ȁɅѥԁ)ե͕ɍѼɔѡɕЁ́)Ʌ̰ͥȁɥͥȁѼɕєѡ)ɽՍЁȁԸ)Aѥeȁ)ɹ5Ѽ]ɬ)Qɽ́չѥ́ɕٕѡɹ䁵ɽ́ݥȁɝѥɥɥѥ锁ͽѥ́)ɕѽՍ̀ȁɕѡݸѼ͵ȁɕ̤Iɑ́ѡͥԁ͔ȁɹ䁵)͡ձͥͥ䁑ѥѥIȰѡѥٔ́ѼɕѥєȁɅٕ)ѥɕѥ͡ݥѠȁѽ̸) ȁɕѥ͡ȁЀԸи͡ɔ܁Mѕɱ9ѥ Ёȁͥ)́ɽ٥ፕЁЁɥ(؁M9 =4 =99 P%99=YQ%=8MU55H܀I9- d=I Od܃q5I% eL MP 9-Ot