Connect Summer 2017 - Page 14

According to Content Marketing Institute, 55% of B2B marketers say they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like. Mastering the Art of CROSS-SELLING Î Î Be Responsive and Attentive. This one’s a two-parter. You want to ensure that your team is quick to respond to any situation regarding your current partnership, and you want to regularly communicate with your contact—whether that means an email to check in or a simple message to share an article that may be of interest. Staying in contact makes your client more likely to turn to you first. So, you’ve closed the sale. What’s next? The work of a salesperson is never done. You’ve sold a client on the benefits of working with your company—and probably signed on the dotted line to get the first part of your collaboration started. Now, you move from the “initial sale” stage to the “cross-sell” stage. How can you be more effective? It’s quite simple, actually. The key is to put the client first. Don’t just plow ahead with trying to blindly sell other products and services. Your first step? Find out what your client actually needs. Here’s how: � Do Your Research. Talk with your client about what’s happening, but als ^B\ ]Y]HۈH]\\[H]ˈ]\HB[[\^x&\HX[»BB^[ۙ[\\[۝X [\۝XX^HHHX\[ۋ[XZ\܈\ܝ[ۈوH\[\]]\[Y[\[[HXX][Y\[\\Y[[Y]HY\[\X\•HH[NYܙH[HHš[XH]][ۜ[XXZH\H[H]HHY[\B[[و][\Y[YY[[H[H][[K[[][Hܛو۝[[‘HH[HZH\[[H[HY x&\HX\Y]۝[ XXZ[]HوH^KX\H[Yو\[وY][XXœ\HY[[Yو\وY[\H\YYۈ[UXK][و]۝[ [[HXZH[\\[x&\Y\YH[]\Z^H] ܙX][\H۝[\H^HوܘX[%[Y\[%[\]YY[x&\][[ۋHSTSӔQT[x&\HۈHX\][[XZ[\܈H\[\[x&]H\\YHYܙK]\B\^K^H[X[H\X[XZ[[[X]H[YHوZ\X8%BۙH[H[XYH\\Y ]\][OۙK]8&\\H\]Y\H۝[Y\[^KXܙ[H\B۝[[[ L Hوۜ[Y\[\H۝[[[ H[&][BZH]\܈[\\[\H^H\H۝[\]H۝[[x&\BܙX][[H[\]YH[\YۙYYY][\]YY[H\H^H\KTSTYܙHܙX][[HYXHو۝[ ۜY\]\HX[H[Y[[[[܈[\XY\ˈ\]X]\[O\]\Y[\H۝[X^H[^\]H[ݙ\[\[ \[[\X\][˜\[[\\YۙYZ[[\\[x&\\]][ۈ\Z[\Y[[[^\[HY[ [\[[\\X\\HYYY \Y\\HZ[HX[ۈ[K\[][ۘ[[[ݚYHH\ܝ[HYY[[\\[\š[ݘ]H[ܛˈ۝X[\[][ۜ\X[Y\^K[ MK MӐH ӓPSՐUSӈSSQT M SQHԐT&H M8'SQTPx&T L TS'