Connect Magazine Technology Fall 2016 - Page 8

The Eye-Popping Numbers of Technology's Growth— and What They Mean. MOBILE PAY IS GAINING SPEED. One research firm estimates the mobile payment industry will process $270 billion in transactions by 2017. THE CLOUD IS BIG BUSINESS. $100 $127 billion billion in 2012 $500 billion by 2017 (est.) $ by 2020 (est.) 93% of all businesses use the cloud for some or all of their business software. 20 5,000 —the number of apps U.S. data breaches that the company, Salesforce, developed for “wearables” like the Apple watch. These hands-free apps can provide quick updates to its employees, increasing a field technicians' response time and efficiency. have compromised more than 815 million records since 2005—including information about medical histories, Social Security numbers, or bank data. SAFETY is more important than ever. THE BENEFITS OF CLOUD INCLUDE: Increased efficiency. Teams can access and edit shared files, documents, and systems from anywhere. Low maintenance. Cloud providers shoulder the burden of servicing and maintaining data storage. 8 | SNB.COM // CONNECT TECHNOLOGY FALL 2016 Flexibility. “Operational agility” ranks high among CIOs who utilize the cloud. Disaster recovery. Regularly backed up data allows you to quickly recover.