Connect Magazine Technology Fall 2016 - Page 5

CONTENT T H E T E C H N O LO G Y I S S U E 16 THE FUTURE IS NOW The Astounding Implications of a 3D World 15CULTIVATE LEADS Like Never Before with Drip Email Marketing 6 HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Determining if Technology Helps or Hinders 22 BOOK REVIEW: EXPLORE 3 YOUR DIGITAL QUOTIENT Behind the Cloud— A Glimpse Into the Fastest Growing Software Company and Its Leader DISRUPTION: 21 YOUR STRATEGY FOR CREATING VALUE Executive Editors Suzanne Copeland, Michael Greisler Creative Director J. Kevin Tugman Designer Caitlin Rozell Design Leader Victoria R. Carlson Managing Editor Rob Toal Contributing Writers Jordan Dickenson, Anne Songy, Rob Toal, Laura Jane Walker, Erin Wooddell Photographer Andrew French PRODUCED BY LIFT1428 FOR STERLING NATIONAL BANK TAKE A TOUR 20 OF TECH TOWN— THE MARVELOUS SITES OF SILICON VALLEY ON TOP OF THE 8STAY LATEST TECH TRENDS CONNECT TECHNOLOGY FALL 2016 // SNB.COM | 5