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D OW N LOA D Through Screens of the Future New, innovative technology is being applied to screens, providing a vast upgrade to standard visual presentations. With high resolution and vivid colors, LG's new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen can showcase presentation ideas in a realistic, visual way never before seen in screen technology. Far from the blurry projectors and low-resolution screens of old, this technology is helping companies make an immediate and dramatic visual impression. The flexible, transparent, and ultra-thin screen is anticipated to be the display of the future—capturing the market and transforming the ways we interact. Dr. Sang-Beom Han, CEO of LG Display, envisions OLED screens being integrated into desks, walls, and windows of offices—not only offering an organic viewing experience but also changing how we convey messages and ultimately propel business success. 2 | SNB.COM // CONNECT TECHNOLOGY FALL 2016 Improve Ranking and Visibility with a MobileFriendly Website Many are calling Google’s algorithm update last year “Mobilegeddon.” That’s because this change in practice downgrades non-mobile-friendly websites—significantly shuffling mobile search results in the process. In the final three months of 2014 alone, there were nearly 18.5 billion searches on mobile devices. But many companies have been slow to keep up with this change in customer behavior, either due to the cost associated with optimizing website design or the personnel and network infrastructure needed to support the change in-house. In order to stay relevant, companies need to prioritize the customer's web-surfing experience. Update company websites and member portals to be responsive across all devices. When mobile users search for the nearest grocery store or bank, they want results they can easily navigate and read. Optimizing your mobile site can help decrease the likelihood of lost web traffic, while helping you stay current with technology trends. Outsmarting Power Surges Since 2014, the Hudson Valley has been protected from damaging power surges thanks to a Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SCFCL) from New York State’s Smart Grid program. Located at the Knapps Corners substation, the SCFCL smart grid—the only one of its kind in New York—has put a stop to 22 cases of power surges that could have damaged transformers and caused expensive repairs. Members of the Hudson Valley community are not the only ones who’ve taken notice of the technology’s success. With high praise from experts, New York’s smart grid is also garnering global interest—especially as electrical disruptions plague cities around the world. As just one example, Glow Energy, an electric power company in Thailand, recently bought the technology to help protect their own equipment. IMAGES COURTESY OF LGNEWSROOM.COM MAKE AN IMPRESSION