Connect Magazine Technology Fall 2016 - Page 19

PRINTING in a Material World 3D printing is no longer a one-material industry. Materials used in additive manufacturing—and the technologies that employ them—are continuously evolving to meet the unique needs of manufacturers and consumers. Plastics Plastics in various forms are still the most popular material for 3D printing. Suitable for prototyping or for finished products like toys, spare parts, and models, plastics offer design flexibility at an affordable price. Metals Metals create strong, versatile products through different printing processes like sintering, melting, and wax molding. Titanium, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and brass offer cheaper alternatives to silver and gold in jewelry-making, home décor, and parts manufacturing. Ceramics  3D objects made with ceramic materials are recyclable, heat resistant, and safe for food, making them the material of choice for tableware and other household items. Paper Another safe and environmentally sound material for 3D printing is standard A4 copier paper, which can create artful objects in amazing detail. Wood Wood printing allows for complex design of objects that don’t need high functionality, such as architectural models. Food Food customization is a fast-growing segment of 3D printing and already quite strong in the chocolate and candy-making industries. Recently, there hav HY[X\ٝ[X[]ZH\H[YX] [[[‘ܜ[Y[\]HY[[[]][\YH܈]\[YX\[Y[[Y[[H\XBو[X[ܙ[[[\\XX[HZ\[˂\[][ۘ[[\\H\ܝ[\\[\&\™ܛ[YYˈ۝X[\[][ۜ\X[Y\܂Y[\X\] MK THQQT‚][Y[[ۜ[X[\BH][ܘH[Hܛو [[\X[\B\X][ۜX\H^XY\\[ ˎ[[ۈ[[\H \Hو [[XܙX\\[]˜\X[]Y\[ܙX\KHXH[[HH^HBX] X[YK[][\X\\[[\Y\[H]\K\XY\[ [[[\\\X\[][Y[\[X[\KH][]YHوYYX[\X][ۜ\B[XYH[Y\[˂ゔUPˈX[YX\[]X\H[YKXۜ[Z[[^[]H[\Z[]Y][Y\X\˜[\K[ Y][[X][YX][ۜH\Yۂ\]Z\[[[\[H][ [ [[]X\H[^[]KX\[H\Z^YH^XܛHقH]Y[ [X[[\H[\Y܈[[Xܜ%X\ܛوH[ んԑSˈ[[X]\X[XYHH][[X\\܈[Z[[ݚYHHYYX[[][]H][[\]]HZ][܈]Hܙ[ۘ][ۋ\X\[][Y[[\Y\[H[[وYܙ[%ZH]\Y^\[X\%ܙX]Z\K\X[\H[BX[]HوH\YXX[ܙ[Z[ZXHX[ܙ[&\[B[YX[X˂ゔSUPSH [\]Z[[[\XB۝H]Y[8&\[\[XYHZ[\YHHT\^Hۂ[YY\ˈ]\X][ۜ\H^XY^[[œ[[\X]Y[[\X[X[[˂ゐӑHSTSQK^][Y[[Y[[H\XHقۙH[\[YH\X[Y[ٙ\H܈H[KX\Z^Y\Z\و\YX[[ۙ\˂ゔTPSˈ[[[\[[][ܘ\\B[YYX[[[Y[X\ٝ[H[\]Y] [[XK\HX\\[Z[\Y[ ^HYH]وH[\[XYH\[^Y ゔTPPUUPSˈH\[X[YX\YH [[\\ݙYHpp[]Y\ MK[H]\K\XX]]X[\[Y\X^H[XX[[]]\[BX\H܈\Yۈ܈H\ۘ[^YYKX[[B[Y\YK