Connect Magazine Technology Fall 2016 - Page 17

3D printing is driving innovation and enhancing design freedom in a number of industries. The technology is growing at an astounding rate, inspiring successful programs in our own back yard—like HV3D, Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation’s initiative to promote the development and use of 3D printing in New York State. How businesses prepare for the inevitable advance of this technology will dictate how well they'll compete in this emerging 3D world. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce a 3D object from a digital model. The opposite of traditional manufacturing, which takes bulk material and subtracts from it to create goods, additive manufacturing is the microscopic layering, or adding, of material to create the object. While accessibility is still somewhat limited, forecasters anticipate that the emergence of several mid-range printers will spark widespread adoption over the next five years. Applications and Implications IMAGE COURTESY OF SHAPEWAYS.COM It wasn’t long ago that 3D printing was relegated to novelty status at technology expos, with attendees craning their necks to see plastic trinkets materialize before their very eyes. Today, 3D printing is beginning to take its place among the likes of digital technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) as a major disruptor to more traditional business models. Programs like HV3D recognize the impact of 3D printing on New York businesses, providing a forum to learn from and experiment with this exciting technology. Currently, there are four distinct areas of application for 3D printing in business, each with its own implications for your company’s bottom line:  TQTS•HX[]H]ZXHܙX]HH\H[X\[BY\H\Yۈ܈]\H]\][ۜYۚYX[BXܙX\\\[\[YK[\\\˜Xܛ[\Y\ˈ]\YZH[۝ق][Y[]HY\[\HHX]\و\Y[H\Yۈ܈[H[[ [\[HXYHH[[][]][BX\Hٝ\HXZ[HX[ۈوH[YH܂Y][ۘ[\[˂THQQT‚X[X[Y[Y\™܈HZY^H\[\Œ[[\][[H^Z[™Y[܈ZY^H\[Y\][YXH[YHX\] Y\[X]HHH\]][ۋ[\Z\H[\ˈ›ۙ\] \\\YHX\]Bܜܘ][ۜX[\\[Y\˜\H[[Yܝ[]Y\[Y]]HX[YX\[˂をSՐUSӋ\Yۈ[ݘ][ۂ܈HZY^H\[\[B[\YHX\وHZ\Z\›܈\][ۜH[^YY[]\Hو\\ˈ]\]8&\[^\[Y[]]X]\X[܈HH]X[K[[\XYH[[Yܘ[\وH][Y[\™YH]X^X[]H[B\[\KゔPUSQS B[Y\[HوZY \[H [\˜[X[[[HX[ۈ[]ۈH[YHX\]܈B\Y]Hو[\Y\ˈ[HZY^B\[Y\Y][ۘ[H[HۈX\›X[YX\\XHX[[^][ۈXYHXH][[YX[\\[]\K]H܈[[ܞK[XܙX\Y\[˂んTSPSӋYB\Z^YX\HH[XXHZXH܈[X[H[[ܙX\Y][YK]X[ \[BX[ۈو\ۘ[^Y][\[HHH[\Z[ˈ [[˜[ZY^H\[Y\[ۙK[ٙ]X][HYXY˂ӓPPHS M ӐH M‚