Connect Magazine Technology Fall 2016 - Page 10

Did You Know? There are more than 9 billion connected devices in-use around the world. That number is expected to triple within the next ten years. Reach Your Connectivity Potential through Updated IT Systems As technology continues to evolve at warp speed, companies are noticing another changing trend: the increased demand of connectivity for everyday objects to send and receive data, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Staying competitive depends upon more than creating the latest gadget. It also means providing a way to connect that device to phones, tablets, security systems, cloud platforms, and networks. Industries are responding. Cisco Systems, Inc., the multinational technology company, recently announced the purchase of Jasper Technologies, a leader in object connectivity, in order to move to a more automated, connected service offering for their billions of internet-connected devices. Even automotive brands like Jaguar Land Rover are making connectivity a central element of new vehicle development, averaging around $18.9 billion in investments ove H\ YX\˂[\[Y\]HH\]ZY\]ۋZ[XZHXX\]H[\Y[ˈ]\[\]][ۈ\[YYYœ^H\]]]KY[\][[\\[\[U\X[]Y\Y\\]Hܛ[[X[܈ۛX]]HBZ[\HYH\΂BUHSBH \H[H LZ[[ۈۛXYZX\]H[\X[]Y\΂[[X]X%HY[Hو[Z][™]Hݙ\ܙX]\[\\Y܈Y]B[X\]BY[Y]\\\[H\[\ŠQTx%XY[]Y[H[][YXY[H[\X]HܙY[%]Y][ۋ][]BY[YX[X]\[ XZ[%[\]\]YYH[[[XۚX[\]]ۛ[\][%H[\\[\ۜY\H]][]H[\H\™[XX[ۛX]]H[]XB[^H[][ ][X]H[\\[x&\\[\\\[XB\X[]Y\ZY[Y]Y^[[۸%[\[Hܛ[[܈ۛX]]KLӐH ӓPPHS MY\H\][ۜ[U\\Y[ˈ[[\\Y[[[Yܘ][ۈ[\\]]H[HX\[HX\Y[\Y[[ۙXX[Y\%[[X[]ܚ܈BܛY\[وۛX[ۈYY\[\YX][\ق]]ܚ\X][ۜ˂[\[ۛX]]H[Z]ˈY[x&\HXZ[H[ݙBܙX]\][وۛX]]HYY Y\[Z[][Y%][\[%و]X\[\X][ۜ[BۛXYH[H\[\]ܚ]H[YH[YK]ۛYH[[[HXYH]\[\^\[XH]ܚ\\]Z\Y[H\[YX[\YB][%܈]\]8&\[YH][]]ܚ˂‚\\]\X\Yܙ[^][ۜ]H[Y[H[\\\ˈ[]\]Y\\X\[]][ۜ[Y[]ܞHY[Y\ݚYHHX[وۛYH\[[H]\XH[ˈ\H[]][ۜ[]HB\\\ܙX]H][\H[\[H\ۛ[š[Yܘ]H\[\܈\[[\ܝو]\H[]X]]\˂[\]H[\^\[\[\[[\[][ۜ\X[Y\\\[[[[ۜ^N MK ‚BBBB