Connect Magazine May/June 2019 - Page 8

it do so at their own peril. Those who don’t participate in So what’s the best platform to reach your target audience? the online social space can be perceived as less relevant, That depends on the age of that audience. For now, especially with younger buyers. Actively posting, liking and Facebook is a must, as that’s where the majority of friends, sharing social content keeps your name and that of your family and business associates gather on the digital town business before the buying public at little or no cost. square to share their latest news. F acebook continues to be the 800-pound gorilla of social media platforms, although its influence is slipping, particularly among younger demographic I nstagram is seen as almost as important to reach a broad audience, and grew at 5% a quarter in 2018, compared to 2.3% for Facebook. While there is now substantial overlap between the Facebook and Instagram user groups. Emerging quickly as a challenger is Instagram, which has led all social platforms in growth – by a longshot ¬– over the past year. (Note: It’s a bit disingenuous to call Instagram a challenger to almighty Facebook, since the former has been owned by the latter since 2012.) Some predict that Instagram will overtake Facebook by the end of next Google Earth Pro allows users to import and export GIS data and view historical imagery. increasingly grabbing older Facebook users. MAPS As with search, Google is king of the mountain when it comes to online maps. Its mobile version, “Google Maps,” is a solid lots of useful information about neighborhoods, local napchat, which started strong with the teens-to-20s crowd beginning in 2011, is losing some of its luster, and never caught on with older users, who complained it was difficult to use. Some of Snapchat’s most innovative features, such as filters and stories, were copied by Instagram, and later Facebook, which further eroded the cachet of Snapchat. T witter is a great source of breaking news and the latest business trends, among other things, but is littered with negativity by numerous internet trolls. Video Platform YouTube (owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google), is an obvious source of videos of every kind. However, it’s not the platform most people turn to for a pure online social experience. In addition, career-oriented LinkedIn can be a valuable marketing tool for the commercial real estate sector, and Tumblr offers a popular platform for a photographic experience. 8 old age group, the overlap is GPS tool and includes year. S sets for the 35- to 49-year- RPCRA.ORG | MAY/JUNE 2019 businesses and government. Be aware, though, that paid ads can skew results when searching for a particular kind of restaurant, for example. G oogle Maps for the desktop is considered the go-to resource for exploring neighborhoods, especially in areas where 3-D imagery is available. For an even richer experience, the mobile and desktop versions of Google Earth set the standard for exploration. Google Earth Pro for the desktop is free and includes advanced features that allow users to import and export GIS data and view historical imagery of most areas. What did that neighborhood look like in 1995? Boom! Move a slider and you’ll see a satellite photo of it. The GPS app Waze, which uses crowd-sourced data presented in real time, is a robust, reliable resource that’s available for both Android and iOS. n