Connect Magazine May/June 2019 - Page 11

least one of these sites with a set up profile, photo, message and ratings – you have missed the boat literally and they will move on you will not get them back. You have the potential to capture business just by having a clear message across these few sites. It doesn’t mean you have to build a website and have a mega marketing program to attract clients. You have to be present on the web and branded as a Realtor! FINAL CHALLENGE – Social Media. Social media is social, but you must be careful if you are going to manage your social profile. Connecting with people socially is great, but on the internet, you have to be aware that it doesn’t go away. Deleting a post is never truly deleted, taking down a video or photo is never really gone, everything is out there. So, what are you putting out there? n Top 3 Don’ts of Social Media 1 DON’T ENGAGE WITH HATERS, TROLLS, AND OTHER NEGATIVE INFLUENCES ONLINE. Battling them is a lost cause. If you do, you’ll waste time and energy that you could be using to build your brand and serve your clients. 2 DON’T TRY TO BE EVERYWHERE AND DO EVERYTHING. By trying to maintain too many platforms, you’ll become overwhelmed and dilute your effectiveness on those that matter most. Stay active only on those that give you the best return on your time and effort. 3 DON’T POST WITHOUT PROOFREADING. If you post with careless grammar and misspellings, it will reflect poorly on your reputation. Before making posts live, review them especially when posting videos. Review the content again after you publish it because sometimes errors can slip by, despite best efforts. Even though it’s nice to share, there’s such a thing as “over-sharing” when it comes to social media. Smartphones and countless social networks have made it easier than ever to broadcast your life. Here are a few tips to keep you, your business, and your reputation safe. The best advice is to use common sense. If you wouldn’t say something to a crowded room of strangers, you probably don’t want to share it online, either. Always think about what you’re sharing, how you’re sharing it, and who you’re sharing it with. So, take these simple steps to get started with your internet presence, branding and social media outlook. Build your Business and look your Best on the Worldwide Web! n