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5 Scotland Legendary Scotland Rory Archibald, business development manager, VisitScotland, on the rise of Scotland’s legends after winning the ICCA Best Marketing Award 2018 I n November 2017, VisitScotland Business Events kicked off the organisation’s first-ever digital campaign, Legends. A year later, the campaign won the ICCA Best Marketing Award. CN caught up with Rory Archibald, business development manager. Why did you create the Legends campaign? When you think of Scotland you may think of stunning landscapes and beautiful castles, which we are incredible proud of, but we want people also to know the country for its incredible innovative reputation from Alexander Fleming’s penicillin to Peter Higgs’ Boson Particle. We essentially created the Legends campaign to give the country’s thriving business events sector a united voice in showcasing Scotland’s innovative spirit, pioneering ambition and bold outlook on a global scale. Every two months we focus on a different sector which allows Scotland’s cities, destinations and convention bureaux to get involved and showcase their individual strengths in each of those sectors, whether it’s technology, creative, marine sciences or surgery. What sectors have you covered so far? So far, we have covered six different sectors– Technology, Education, Creative, Energy, Life Sciences and Engineering. We’re halfway through our seventh sector – Marine which has involved the Scottish Association for Marine Science based on Oban and the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland based in St Andrews. What other opportunities have been created as a result of Legends? Throughout the campaign we have created meaningful relationships with national trade bodies, associations, academia and industry sectors. “The main goal of the campaign was to communicate that events generate ideas, create connections and can be leveraged as a tool to drive growth” In June we launched our Young Legends awards in collaboration with the Year of Young People. The awards were created to showcase Scotland’s future generation of pioneers and innovators. We held the awards ceremony at the Legends One Year Anniversary event at the SEC on the 22 November 2018. Another fantastic opportunity which came as a result of the campaign, was our partnership with FinTech Scotland to create the inaugural ‘FinTech Scotland Fortnight 2018’, which took place 17–28 September. This collated more than 30 events taking place in five cities welcoming 2,500 delegates under one banner. One legacy of Legends is that we are creating a strategy with FinTech Scotland to develop the event into an annual occurrence to drive international fintech related conferences to the country. How successful has the campaign been in its first year? The main goal of the campaign was to communicate that events generate ideas, create connections and can be leveraged as a tool to drive growth in key industrial sectors and engage with academics, industry ambassadors and organisations across Scotland. The campaign was designed to be a low cost, high impact initiative to allow as many as possible to join the movement. The success of this is shown in the number of organisations both within the business events and academic