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10 Scotland Trained to be the best The SEC on how it helped Haemophilia UK or over 50 years, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) has been working across the globe to close the gap in care between those who receive proper treatment and those who do not. To achieve this goal, the WFH has created a winning coalition of national governmental bodies - including Haemophilia UK (HUK) - health care professionals, patient group leaders, people with bleeding disorders and volunteers. The biennial WFH Congress, which attracted over 5,000 global delegates when it came to the SEC in Glasgow, April 2018, is an essential platform for these groups of people to come together and improve care for all. The SEC first expressed interest in working with HUK back in 2002. It was a slow-burner, and it wasn’t until 2012 that the team flew to Paris to deliver the winning bid. Providing a first-class delegate experience is of great importance to all at the SEC. The SEC event team were determined to support Haemophilia UK to provide the best possible welcome, and by supporting the organisation and Glasgow Welcomes, the city’s tourism initiative, we were able to help deliver city-wide training for employees in the hospitality industry. This was done by providing meeting rooms, AV equipment and technicians on a complimentary basis. SEC staff attended the Glasgow Welcomes and Hemophilia UK training, however, as is the case of all busy venues, it was impossible for large numbers of staff to attend the official training. To ensure the training was distilled through the company, the SEC team members became haemophilia ambassadors and they conducted five further training sessions reaching over 100 SEC team members from cleaners and catering staff to our CEO; raising awareness of haemophilia and bleeding disorders and providing essential information on the support that some of the delegates may need. All venues are able to provide medical assistance, however, the extent of training that has been distilled through the SEC and city of Glasgow means that delegates will feel safe and supported throughout their time at the Congress. This helped to allow quality engagement with the Congress content, and ultimately will improve the care of haemophilia sufferers in the UK. These training sessions were also carried out for the World Down Syndrome Congress which was also held at the Scottish Event Campus, April 2018.