Conference News March 2019 - Page 66

66 Breakout Cold call The Times newspaper reported Leading Authorities, the speaker agency, made the mistake of approaching supermarket chain Iceland to proffer retailer Bill Grimsey as an expert speaker. Reportedly, Steve Bagshaw, the agency’s UK MD, said Grimsey was “available to discuss the future of retail”. Keith Hann, Iceland’s director of Critical mass corporate affairs, fired back: “We know Mr Grimsey very well – rather better than you do, I suspect. He was in charge of our business for four utterly miserable years… I think I can safely say that absolutely none of his former colleagues here would be prepared to pay a penny to hear Mr Grimsey’s insights.” Thin ice hat are the two worst things to combine? You’re wrong: it’s ice and live events. February has given us two live event crackers to enjoy. First of all, there was Gemma Collins who, CN is reliably informed by someone under the age of 25, is a “celebrity”. What she was famous for is now irrelevant, as her s any event manager will testify, the bigger the group, the trickier the event management. So, pray, then, for the event organisers in charge of the Pope’s recent visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE. More than 170,000 Catholics from the emirate’s Indian and Filipino community congregated at Zayed Sport City for an open-air mass by His Holiness. We wonder, did they have to pre-register? fantastic tumble and diva-ness on ITV’s Dancing On Ice has made her a household name. Next up was former Chelsea and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. The Special One was tasked with the ceremonial task of dropping the puck to get a Russian ice-hockey game underway. He did just that, but went down with the puck for good measure.