Conference News March 2019 - Page 5

5 Editor’s Letter Loadsa money hey say money doesn’t buy happiness, and this may very well be true. Conversely, a failure or reluctance to invest money wisely will seldom lead to prosperity. Money is indeed the subject of this month’s issue, as no doubt our cover suggests. The industry is in the midst of a skills shortage, as recently highlighted by the Events Industry Board Talent Taskforce and members of travel trade association UKinbound. The Government, you may have heard, published a White Paper on immigration which said that, post-Brexit (whatever that actually looks like), EU workers will need to be earning at least £30,000pa… is that too high a threshold? Find out on p22. Continuing with the theme of money, we interview UKinbound’s new CEO Joss Croft. The association is in a strong position and Croft made the point at its recent AGM that, in order to achieve financial prosperity, the entire tourism industry – business and leisure – is going to need to work together. Read the interview in full on p36. Money matters continue on p27 as Stuart Wood looks at the ‘bed tax’ issue unravelling in Edinburgh. On a final note, you’ve got to spend money to make money: there are rarely easy wins in this industry. CN covers places all over the UK, so when we write about a destination or venue, we must be sure that it will provide you and your delegates with a deserving experience. Everyone is quick to tell me that they are the best, but if they are not willing to market their destination properly then one must question how seriously they take the industry. As trade press, we owe it to our readers to ensure we show-off the best of what the industry has to offer: it’s a privilege to make it into a magazine, not a right. The next time we talk, we will (or perhaps will not) have left the European Union. See you out there in the world. Martin Fullard Editor Conference News