Conference News March 2019 - Page 33

33 Catering Agency View It's not just venues. Agency Venues and Event International recently partnered with caterer Dish, so what benefits does this offer? Anita Lowe, chief executive at Venues and Events International, said: “As a boutique event agency we consider every element of our events, most larger agencies will simply send a menu to a client and ask for their choices – we like to take this a step further and partnering with a catering company such as Dish allows us to do this. “We are able to get under the skin of our client’s events, understanding their audience and objectives tailoring their menus appropriately. We have made creative changes such as bespoke cocktails in brand colours, logo coffee stencils and fully themed menus aligning with the event identity. “By partnering with a caterer, we not only gain creative control but also have an increased input in to the logistics. We recently organised an event at a public museum where access times were a real challenge, we were able to work hand in hand with the caterers to ensure that set-up was methodically planned, and we could plan for all contingencies. Food is such a huge part of any event; these partnerships allow us to give it the attention it deserves.” Case Study The Tobacco Dock Food Team relished the chance to create an entire menu dedicated to ethical eating. The caterers intricately planned and created a two-day menu which included options such as raw vegan ‘Snickers-style’ bars, wild mushroom macaroni with truffle oil garlic bread, the ‘Lush Dog’ with sautéed onions, Frenchie’s mustard and harissa ketchup and carrot, pecan and cranberry cake. Tobacco Dock Food fed snacks, lunch and dessert to over 3,000 attendees across the two days. The conference was organised to showcase the company’s spring collection as well as profile their charity activities. The event was for 1,800 Event: Lush Summit 2017 Duration: Two days internal delegates and then the doors were opened to the public, press and bloggers from 11am each day. Tim Stevens, managing director of Eventist Group, commented: “The team at Tobacco Dock Food embraced the challenge of providing a range of natural, guilt-free dishes at the Lush Summit. Hilary Jones, ethics director, Lush, added: “Not only did Tobacco Dock Food pull out all the stops to be inventive, flavoursome and vegan with the food, but it was also served by happy and friendly staff, which made the whole experience pleasant. The food seemed to go down really well, and the choice offered was much appreciated.” Delegates: 3,000+ Venue: Tobacco Dock Venue, London MEETING AND EVENTS VENUE IN THE HEART OF CANARY WHARF 43 BANK STREET, LONDON E14 5NX T: 020 7418 2725 E: W: