Conference News March 2019 - Page 21

21 Case Study Goodwood shares how its operations team streamlined internal communications for better events hat was the problem that needed solving? Providing a luxury experience to every visitor is critical to Goodwood’s brand and reputation, which requires the calendar of events at the country estate be executed flawlessly. Unfortunately, prior to the implementation of project management application Wrike, the technology for planning these events hindered cross-team transparency. Spreadsheets, paper to-do lists, and email were the standard, and as a result, the team would often find they were working off different versions of plans and contractors could be working with outdated documents. Miscommunication and working from out-of-date information often led to economic consequences that increased the cost of events and diminished the quality of experience for visitors. The team realised that if they were going to scale and grow, they needed to establish a single source of truth. The design team was also struggling under the old way of working. When it came to their processes, they felt they weren’t able to manage the intake of work effectively and that they needed to streamline their often-arduous approval process. They had no way to manage ad hoc tasks or measure their workload and reporting on completed work was a time-consuming process. Below: A Ferrari F1 car speeds past Goodwood House How was the new method executed? Goodwood’s operations team began using Wrike in 2015, and the rest of the organisation soon followed. After the first event that was managed with Wrike, Goodwood’s team realised they could simply duplicate that project in Wrike, and immediately have a template for future events. The design team found it especially valuable. Goodwood designer Lara Wilson shared that having time spent on tasks documented in a single place means that creating time log reports, which used to take up to an hour and a half, now only take about five minutes. She’s gone from sending over 60 emails a day to internal stakeholders to just 5-10 emails per day because conversations are all kept in context with the task or project within Wrike. Wrike allows Goodwood to better manage their relationships with external partners. Testimonial “Wrike means that all those little issues that we usually find out once they've become a problem on-site, we can plan for. We're saving money, in terms of the build, because we’re foreseeing any problems before we even get there, whereas to solve it on-event it takes man-hours and coordinating different suppliers coming in at different times. We've definitely saved ourselves money there, as well as time and effort,” said Goodwood event operations assistant Celene Curry. “I used to probably send around 60 emails a day. I send five to 10 emails a day now. So I very rarely look at my email because it's all stored in Wrike. That's a huge positive,” added Goodwood designer Lara Wilson.