Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 66

66 Last Word The full list of 2017 award winners Media Choice Award – Conference News WINNER – Brighton & Hove Albion FC Non-Matchday Mystery Shopper Award – HGEM WINNER – Aberdeen FC The Above & Beyond Award 2017 – Stadium Experience WINNER – Manchester City WINNER – Manchester Utd Best Sales or Marketing Initiative Award – CHS Group WINNER – Tottenham Hotspur Match report CN reports from the Anfield dug-out at the Stadium Events & Hospitality Awards 2017. pecialist events and hospitality teams from football and rugby stadia across the country celebrated their ‘off the pitch’ successes at The Stadium Events & Hospitality Awards 2017 on the evening of 1 June. The sell-out event, sponsored by Carlsberg UK, was held in the new main stand at Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club. Up front, the 480 guests, who work in conference and events, matchday hospitality, catering, operational departments and senior management, experienced a fine dining four-course menu, awards ceremony and entertainment, followed by a wild onsite after party which carried on through to 4am. In midfield, the event was the 13th annual awards organised by Stadium Experience, which recognises the efforts and dedication shown by the catering, conference and events teams at every football and rugby stadium across the UK and Ireland. At the back, 80 football and rugby clubs were nominated for awards, with 21 different stadium venues scooping at least one of 33 gongs (across 11 categories). Some awards were entered by the club themselves and others by nominations from colleagues, media and other club directors. In goal, the Stadium Experience presented two extra surprise awards on the night to both Manchester City Football Club and Manchester United Football Club – The Above & Beyond Award 2017. These were awarded for their key roles in reuniting friends and relatives involved in the Manchester Arena attack in May, and also working with and supporting the authorities and emergency services. The league champions of the awards evening were the X[H][\[\YBۙ܈ݙ\[X]^B][]H^\Y[H MY[›ٙY\]][ۈHHXܙ͈\X\][YXHXܛBXYY\˂[[\]\8$^”\YH[Y\ ][•ST8$[XH\\8$Y[]]X“\][ۜX[HوHYX\]\8$H]\]\[•ST8$]\YX[HوHYX\]\$[[\XBST8$]\ۈ‘\XܜXH]\8$\[\•ST8$]\H[]YHXYYB[\[ۜ™܈Bݙ\[X]^B][]B^\Y[B\HBX[H][\[\˘ۙ\[K[]˘˝Z•HYۙH8$ݙ\[X]^H][]H]\ST8$[\[\“X]^H][]H]\$ۜܙYH\YBX[Y][H \ L BST8$[ܙX[XH“YY][HY][H \ BST8$Лۈ[\\“\HY][H Z[ JBST8$[\[\