Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 65

65 Gallery Cool Agency Challenge Mash Media teamed up with Norway Convention Bureau to give UK-based agencies a flavour of the Nordic experience. Day one of the two-day challenge took place in London’s Chelsea Physic Garden before moving to Chill Factore in Manchester. The back-to-back events took place in London on 3 May and in Manchester on 4 May, aspiring to offer a snippet of what the Scandinavian country has to offer. There was also the chance to win a trip to Norway. The London event took place at the city’s secret and oldest botanical gardens, chosen as it encapsulates the ethos of Norway’s Powered by Nature campaign and provided glimpse of summertime in the country. The Manchester event was held at Chill Factore, the UK’s longest indoor ski slope, providing a perfect setting for the first ‘Cool Agency Challenge’ in the north of England. Challenges included: Sledge Relay Race, Toboggan Luge Relay Race, Downhill Donuts, Igloo Build and a Sledge Build Challenge. After the event the scores are added up and are finished with an awards ceremony with medals. You can watch a video of the action on Mash TV’s Mash Player: