Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 59

59 Event Technology 1. Technology provides info: Busy people looking for great space need to know the details quickly so they can make an informed choice. 2. It lets them book online: Online booking technology provides 24/7 booking ability – no more disappointed out-of-hours calls. Clients can find the space they need and book and pay for it directly from the venue website, any time. They can add services, such as catering or AV, in the same transaction. 3. It saves valuable staff time: Having an online booking portal boosts productivity. It releases valuable staff from the time-consuming task of taking bookings and allows interactivity with customers. 4. It drives effective promotions and great yield: Online booking technology helps with rates and yield management, because you can control rates and availability for the online market. Capturing customer data and preferences automatically means venues can create bespoke promotions to hit the mark. 5. It makes sure you give a great customer experience: Booking the space and the facilities to go with it becomes a seamless experience. Systems that integrate with digital room signage means delegates can find their meeting space effortlessly. 6. It brings them back again: With an easy booking process and a great meeting experience behind them, your customers will be more likely to use your venue again. Come on in Luis De Souza offers six tips, left, for using technology to ensure your venue makes money out of meetings he rise of the internet would mean no-one would need to get together any more, some said. Instead, we’d find everything we needed online, right at our fingertips. Of course, that prediction turned out to be far from the truth. As one meetings industry analyst put it: “Physical engagement is important and powerful.” That’s good news for the UK venues where so many of these ‘physical engagements’ take place. Meetings can be an enormously lucrative revenue stream for venues, bringing in valuable cash at times when business is low, such as between big events. There’s certainly a gap in the market to fill when it comes to providing facilities for small or late meetings, where business people discover a need for a meeting space outside their own premises. However, a quick response is crucial, and the latest venue management technology can give venues a real edge in this market. One innovation is a step-change in booking technology that allows venues to offer the kind of easy booking that has already transformed hotel reservations. Meeting booking technology provides six ways to transform the way your venue makes money out of meetings. These same six online booking advantages have revolutionised the hotel industry, and now successful venues are waking up to all the possibilities, too. With state-of-the-art technology, your venue can provide a valuable service that will help you grow your business even in tough times. Luis De Souza is CEO of NFS Technology Group. The company’s Rendezvous Events booking software has been released in its updated 5th version and allows venues to present selected spaces available for rent, without customers having to view an inventory of larger spaces. For more information visit: