Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 58

We could shout our expertise from the roo­ ops, but we prefer IN us… to let others do it for Choosing Butlin’s for our largest annual event, we knew it would require a great deal of convincing the business due to pre-conceived perceptions. Having a venue that can provide accommodation on site, reducing travel in-between sessions is invaluable. With impeccable service standards, a passionate events team and a highly motivational workforce, it was a real pleasure to work with the Butlin’s Events Team. Meetings Leader & H XYو][\V[XHR”PPSTUS0PT]\[[ۙ\[HX\X]]Y[X[[][ۋ[ܙ@HXHX[KXZ[[˜X]]Y\[^\[ۘ[ [[X\YH][ۜ˂YH][&\܈[\ܜܘ]H][ [x&[[]H\[[\X[K][˘K][  L L ˜][][][˘K[Y[][][][ ؝][][