Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 50

50 Health point plan for satisfaction David Vaughton, director, EEF Venues, offers six bite-size tips to satisfy delegates he feedback from delegates shows that people remember two things about their venue experience: how they were treated, and the food. Here are six tips for organisers to ensure satisfaction: Share your vision Consider how important food is to your delegates. Share your vision with the venue team to give a clear outline of your expectations. Make a site visit A site visit should give vital clues and insight into a venue’s approach to food. Sample the food and keep an eye on the service and ambience. Over 12.5m tonnes of paper and cardboard are used in the UK per year From farm to fork Seasonality and sustainability are all key ingredients behind a good menu so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask questions about where the venue sources its food. Keeping on trend Check that the venue is tuned into the range of preferences and healthy eating styles beyond the specific dietary requirements. Balancing price and quality If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of low prices as this can mean low craft skill levels, less scrupulous purchasing and the use of convenience foods. Safe and healthy Last but not least, before you commit to your booking, check out the venue’s food safety ratings. A high-ranking shows best practice, ensuring that you and your delegates can enjoy the food with confidence and peace of mind. The green road ahead Environmentally friendly activities at Maritim Hotels Germany are helping to turn mealtimes into motorways. Around 4,000 tons of waste is generated each year across the group. These recyclables are almost completely returned to the economic cycle, creating new energy, fuel or fertiliser from waste - broken crockery, for example, is re-used in road construction. Mark Spivey, director of international sales, at Maritim Hotels, says: “Who would have thought recycling rubbish could create roads? A commitment to the environment is important for our guests and delegates, and it’s important for us. Maritim Green Meeting package: • Room hire and set-up costs • Re-useable writing pads • A “sweet surprise” from fair trade sources • Fair trade coffee, tea, and healthy snacks. Did you know? 70% less energy is needed to recycle paper as opposed to making it from raw materials.