Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 38

38 Big Interview Meeting standards CN talks to Mark Cooper, CEO of the International Association of Conference Centers Words: Martin Fullard he International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) is the only global organisation that represents the interests of small- and medium-sized conference centres. I caught up with its CEO, Mark Cooper, to talk networking, training and copper skillets. How long have you been involved with IACC? I have been working for venues that have been IACC certified since 1993, so for quite a long time now. I first became actively involved directly with the association in 2010 and joined the board in 2011. It was in 2012 that I became CEO of the association. Can you outline the mission? IACC’s mission is to bring together the brightest industry minds to promote the best meeting venues delivering exceptional meeting experiences. It is important for us to raise quality within the sector as well as to recruit members of the highest quality – the gold standard. In summary, we want to represent the top 1% of meeting venues in the world. What quality criteria must a venue meet? One of the core criteria is that member venues must be designed and operated for small- to medium-sized meetings and conferences. Venues must cater for an average meeting size of 100 and for no more than 150 delegates. Room space should be specifically for meetings and no other purposes. We have 60 criteria that members must fulfil, ranging across design X[]Y\][]H[\XK\[\XH[\Z[X[]KYY][[\[\[H[\ܝ[HوXXو\H[[Y[[[\[BX\ٝ[YY][ˈPPY[X\\Y\\H\YۙY[\]Y[\HZ\Y[]HH[X]H[\ۛY[ \ܝYHH\Y]B[Z]Y[[HY[XY]HH]Y\^B\HYZ[˂X[HR[Y\\HY[X]Y]PP[\\BHܛ[HR\[H\H\H PPY[X]Y[Y\XܛHR˂\H\[^\HܛXܛHR]\]B[Y[\\\ܛXܛH\XHXYXX\] \PP[[HZ[[\[ۜ܈ٙ\[ۘ[][Y[\\X][HHH[H\Y]Hوܘ[[Y\܈H\Bوٙ\[ۘ[][Y[܈\Y[X\ˈ\H[YBK[X\[ΈH[K]\وۛ[H\\ٙ\[[XXBZ[[X[[][[\X\][[\Y\\XH[Z[[\\X\ۂXK]YXHZ[[[YX][ۘ[ܝ[]Y\]Z[XB[HY[X\&\Y[ێ[\X]HX[\ݙ\[H[BوX][Y[X\&HۛYH[[\ݙHB^H^H\[\HوPPۙ\[\\[Hܛ\HY[X\[YY]ZK[Z[YY[X\X\[YZؘ[[ݘ][ۋ[\H\HPP[\][ۜ\HH]B\\Y]X\\ۛX[ۈ\X]\ PJH™[]\\HZ[[]\\YۙYY\]\BX[HوHYY][[\H]Y[X\&H\Y\ˈB\H[ۛXY]YY][ٙ\[ۘ[[\][ۘ[TJKٙ\[PPY[X\HZ]HوZ[[[X\[›ܝ[]Y\˂܈X[HYX\PP\ܘ[Y\\\\[œY[[][]Hܘ[[Y\ؘ[KH[\ܝH\و[]X]]\Z[YY]YX][H^[\][ۈو[\HXY\X]HX[]Y\]˘ۙ\[K[]˘˝Z