Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 34

34 Adobe Summit Climbing the summit with Adobe isual Voice is an agency specialising in marketing technology to convert audiences and has worked with the Adobe Summit for the last three years, building a digital big screen engagement experience to amplify their event. This year’s Adobe Summit was held in May at ICC ExCeL London and speakers included ex-Premier League footballer Frank Lampard, OBE; actor Colin Firth, CBE and Nick Drake, senior vice-president, digital, T-Mobile. The agency tells CN that, by integrating marketing strategy with award winning technology, clients can generate deeper consumer engagement and brand value. At the Summit, a web based response application, Digital Connect, provided a digital networking feature and game. Users were encouraged to interact with each other and content provided by CMO, utilising LinkedIn and Twitter. Digital Connect has been exclusive to Adobe, although Visual Voice is now ready to bring the product to the wider market. "This interactive social programme allowed the delegates to join the conversation on #AdobeSummit by pairing their smart phones with the big digital screen. This gave us the capability to deliver a truly connected event, making the social experience an experience in itself," said Simon Nicholson EMEA social media manager at Adobe. To many specialists, the EMEA Adobe Summit is the highlight of the year and this year 5,000 attendees came from around the world and those who weren’t able to attend were exposed to social channels which helped generate a great fear of missing out. Adobe Europe had commissioned the ‘Adobe Digital Connect’ game to boost social sentiment and attention beyond the four walls of the event, where delegates in physical attendance and remote followers were able to interact with the large social screens with their own devices, discover pre-written Summit insights, LinkedIn posts and tweets. The Adobe Summit 2017 achieved what it set out to do, which was to drive mentions of Summit content beyond the four walls of the conference centre. The agency moderated responses to tweets using #AdobeSummit. Over 6,000 response invitations were triggered during the event, there were 2,000 unique game plays and 1,000 unique engagements with content in social channels. Visual Voice creative director Thom Shardlow tells CN: “We are thrilled to have worked with Adobe to develop the Digital Connect product, allowing the platform to facilitate all key information from Adobe Summit and amplify user interaction. Our vision is to create low barrier interactive experiences that drive the desired outcome for clients. We are excited to see where other brands will take Digita ۛX[H[\ۘ[\HHX܈]™\\Y]Y\˸'HY[H۝X\X[XYؘ[ BQQHSSUS‘^\Y[HHXYXوܙ8&\ HHYHوܚX]][ܙ˛ܙ  ͌M L Hܙ˛ܙ][ܙ][˘ۙ\[K[]˘˝Z