Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 17

17 Big Picture Multi-hub talking with Swiss timing #EventPlannersTalk held a dual hub interactive workshop recently, in London and focused on values in the events industry. The Switzerland Convention and Incentives Bureau and the German Event Planners Association partnered on the event with The MICE Blog. The event was hosted simultaneously in London and Frankfurt and saw event professionals come together to evaluate the value of vision and look at how it could apply to the different stakeholders. Caleb Parker, industry entrepreneur was host for the event, based at the Royal College of Physicians in London, and he gave attendees an overview and introduction to the Werte Codex. Attendees later divided into four groups to discuss questions around the impact of the values on each stakeholder, namely employees, customers, competitors and suppliers, answering the questions: ‘Do we need a value code in the event industry?’ and ‘How can stakeholders be incentivised to adopt the code?’ After 15 minutes they moved on to the next table, to discuss the questions in relation to a different stakeholder, until they had attended discussions in each group. There was agreement that such a code was needed by the industry but the consensus was that it needn’t become a barrier. Attendees also thought that, by adopting a code of conduct, event businesses would gain a competitive advantage, by showing themselves as responsible traders and leaders within the industry. Overall, attendees focused on the fact that an industry wide value code would foster transparent communication, integrity, mutual respect and trust between event planners and suppliers.