Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 15

Advertisment Feature WORKING WITH ORGANISERS TO DELIVER GREAT EXPERIENCES… sEATING C u st o m e r be n Adrian Evans, Director of Conference and Live Events, explains what’s giving the NEC the edge e f it s 3 C reat e th e a u dit oriu m y ou wa nt 3 C h oo se a n d a nge th e co nf ig u ra ch tion 3 Work sm a rt er a n d fa st er 3 Sa ve ti m e a n d m on ey 3 Com plim en ts you r clie nts’ bra n ds D e le g at e b e n e f it s v ie w 3 Bett e r o rt ve l o f co mf le h ig H 3 ce nt rat io n n o c r e h ig 3 H r loa din g 3 Fa st e The NEC listens carefully to clients and agencies to ensure that our offering is at the forefront of event services and that we’re able to deliver what they want to bring their vision to life. Every client wants something different, every agency is looking for a venue that can deliver a format that has never been done before – and that’s what the NEC is delivering. Prototypes of the seats were delivered to our offices around 6 months ago and we invited our key agency clients to experience them first hand. We took on their feedback on everything from seat height and width to colours and general ergonomics to make sure we were covering every element that makes for the perfect delegate experience – providing them with a high level of comfort whilst also enabling organisations to reflect their brands’ quality and image. NEW LAUNCH PACKAGE COMING IN 2018 In the first quarter of Financial Year 2018 we are launching a brand new Live Event package of services designed to spring-board our performance over the coming years. • 7 TRIBUNES of 273 seats • Detachable front, side or rear loading • LED lighting on stairs • Classic wood effect side rails • Smart padded & upholstered seats • Can be reformatted in minutes We have again listened to our agency partners and asked the same questions to our direct corporate clients to make sure that every angle is covered in full. We have overhauled the package to reflect developments in how agencies work and how events are delivered and funded to increase value across the customer journey. Over the last few years we have hosted more events than ever before… ranging from meetings for 10 delegates in one of our boardrooms to conferences for 700 in our largest suite and of course the massive events for thousands in our halls. We believe that the NEC is the obvious choice for truly national and international events as its accessibility by road, rail or air is unrivalled. Delegates can arrive by train and walk right in or fly into Birmingham Airport and be in a board meeting within minutes. Our location also has the benefit of the most cost effective offer in terms of travel and time out of the office versus accommodation so they can ‘do it all in a day FRFW"BvFFRVpb&W6'G2v&Bv^( fR&V6R#BrFW7FFv6V2WWfV&R'GVFW2f"&v6W'2F22FW6vVBFRW 6ƖVG>( ƗfW2V6W"RW2&P66W76&R2fVVRB&PFWfW"V7W&RFBFRV@6ƖVBV2FRV7@g&FV"'VFvWBvRRFB6G226f'F&ǐvFFV"2B&F20W"Wr6VFr77FVFW2vFFV"WfVG2G&Wf0F&V7F"b6fW&V6PBƗfRWfVG