Conference News July/August 2017 - Page 14

NEC INVESTS £1.2 MILLION IN UNIQUE FLEXIBLE EVENT ORGANISERS ARE SITTING PRETTY AT THE UK’S NO.1 VENUE Following recent news of an impressive 50% year on year growth in revenue from Live Experiential events at the NEC, the venue has underlined its commitment to being the venue of choice for organisers with a £1.2 investment in a bespoke, state of the art tiered seating system. Up to seven tribunes of 273 seats can be rolled out rapidly into any configuration, offering stylish seating for audiences of up to 1,911 in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy demountable seating, and at a fraction of the cost. The seating has been purpose-designed for the NEC and can be used in any of the NEC’s 20 interconnected multipurpose halls. Its flexibility and speed of deployment makes lead times shorter and increases availability at the venue, co-ordinating perfectly with flat floor seating to offer even more formatting options and accommodating higher delegate numbers. The NEC is engaged in a groundbreaking revamping, upgrading and reinvention of its event facilities and services, based on research into market trends and extensive consultation with clients and their audiences. The industry is evolving rapidly, as are working practices, and the new seating system enables clients to work faster, smarter, more flexibly and at a lower cost. THE BEST SEATS IN T HE H O U S E Flexible ely All tribunes are complet any in ed us be mobile and can ls hal ’ vas of our ‘bl ank can Faster Cost effective seats Like for like, our quality ney mo r offer better value fo g atin than demountable se Once in position, the seats s extend in under 5 minute TION IN ANY CONFIGURA UR EVENT TO SUIT YO FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 0121 767 2782 NEC-CONFERENCES@NECGROUP.CO.UK