Conference News January 2018 - Page 55

55 Experiential 5,4,3,2,1, gone Robert Dunsmore walks us through a study in counting down to success, now enshrined in law… live ou have five years to reinvent the legal profession…” legal futurologist Richard Susskind told the Law Society’s annual conference in April 2017. Neither I, nor anyone from BE Vivid, was present to hear Richard in April, but energy created at live events tends to live on; I just googled it. Nine months earlier, however, we had experienced his son and co-author preview a similar plea during a showcase of their latest book ‘The Future of the Professions’ at London’s Design Museum. Most of our clients qualify as these ‘professions’ and the journey toward their new ‘normal’ tends to launch, much like the speech or this book, with a live event. ALM, organisers of Legal Week CONNECT, are a significant voice in the legal industry and they get this. The ‘five-year apocalypse’ or, in reality, the ways in which we live and work are transforming, so they brought in BE Vivid in to support them in creating a new event. It was a project with ambition. To go beyond mere reinvention, to re-imagine and re-engineer a new event for the ALM portfolio fit to debate the near future of the legal profession and the disruptive issues and forces facing them. ALM has a strong operational production unit, but identified the event had to have a new approach and present itself beyond anything they had done “It was a project with ambition... Our final attendee number was 385 and this was made up of some of the most senior and innovative lawyers in the profession. Keynote speaker, Sir Clive Woodward, was pretty amazing and the feedback on the content was some of the best we ever had, which is great. Definitely a great starting point for next year’s event.” - Rhiannon Van Ross, Director of Strategic Projects, ALM. before. They turned to us to plug their skill gap, identify the issues and come up with ideas and format. Reverse engineering. The deconstruction was tackled with a series of workshops to unpick the current knot of industry problems, clarify and re-define them as issues to populate the event streams. It’s a liberating process that will make rapid progress if you get the right expertise in the room to interrogate. An event as an info-graphic. Early on we took the content threads of our unravelled ‘knot’ and began expressing the streams in an info-graphic form; a road-map to visualise the event as a solution. ALM began to see their event as we scripted a visual and verbal language whilst creating a tonal rationale for colour coding the issues, including identifying the ‘pathways’ in the building. The BE Vivid and ALM team effectively benefited from a shared experience, which in turn fast-tracked the decision-making process based on the same shared insight and intelligence. The only time the process faltered was on the colour for the talent stream, when we turned to the master painter, Raphael, and borrowed his purple hue - the colour of devotional love in the Renaissance. From there on, all assets from the brand logo to the website and marketing collateral shar VBFV66fRwVvRB6WB`VVR6V֖F72FBf&V@B&W6VFVBFRWfVBvF6DFR67VFFfR&6vfP6G&bFV"WfVBvF6V"w&VVVBFR77VW26V"w&VVVBFRFVv6GW&vfRFRFV&Pg&VVFBFR6fFV6RFf7W2&W6W&6W2FP֖'FBFVƗfW'vRvFVBFGW&RB2"vRF"2v( `N( 2&B&6'WB@v&26V"7&VFfR7G&FVwv27&VFVBf"VvvVV6V7Bv6&#3fV&W"#rBFRUBFBGG&7FVBFR&v@VFR&W7BVƗG7VW'2Bf&Bf FVƗfW&rWfVB26WFvFFR7B&FW06FVBBVBw&VBF&&W'BGV6&R27&VFfRF&V7F"B$PffBvV7FB7V6Ɨ6W27&VFrvW&gV'&BVvvVV@&w&W2FBfRBFV"V'BWG&&F'ƗfRWfV@VvvVV6V7C#( 33fV&W #rBFRUB"6f6RFt3%"$