Conference News April 2018 - Page 31

31 Outdoors “We find the weather doesn't have to affect the enjoyment” can continue to take place whatever the weather. Liz Young, head of events, Historic Royal Palaces We always make sure that any event taking place in our outdoor spaces has a wet weather plan to cover all eventualities and ensure the event can still take place. When hosting clients outdoors at Hampton Court Palace, for example, we can arrange for The Great Hall to be our back-up space, making sure everything can be transported indoors if the weather changes. We ensure we have flexible lighting and staging schemes in place that will work in both spaces, and we maintain close communication with our suppliers and contractors on where to deliver equipment should the weather take a turn for the worst. What should event bookers consider? Robert Wetherell, head of venue hire and catering, Natural History Museum In addition to the usual factors such as attendee numbers, budget, catering styles and production elements to consider, event bookers should look to venues that surprise guests and speak to their senses. The Natural History Museum offers gallery tours, private exhibition viewings and exclusive talks delivered by the in-house scientists on a choice of over 30 topics, helping adults engage with world-renowned collections. What event types work well outdoors, what type doesn’t work so well? Liz Pilling, corporate events commercial manager, Center Parcs We are passionate about getting delegates outside in the fresh air as we are so aware that during the working week it can be difficult to factor in time spent in the natural environment due to workloads, family responsibilities and so forth. Not only will they reap the benefits of time spent in our forest environment engaging in a fun activity – reducing stress and boosting self-esteem to name just two, but it al