Conference News April 2018 - Page 26

26 Wellness Spring in bloom Have you considered giving your event a floral twist? avender Green Flowers considers itself the lifestyle florist of choice recognised for its ability to constantly set trends, pushing the boundaries in everyday floral design. The expert team of 40 draw on 30 years of experience in creating stunning floral designs for some of the UK’s finest venues, iconic events, weddings and for private homes. Clients are presented with ideas that are alternative and distinctive that will work within a modern interior complementing a contemporary-designed space. Alice Groom, head of client & design projects at Lavender Green Flowers, says; “We place a significant amount of emphasis on the whole picture, considering and often advising on every other element of an event that becomes important, such as lighting, furniture and even food. We love large displays of mainly foliage with pockets of colour, allowing more focus on the delicate and natural detail of each flower used. Moss is continuing to play an important part of our floral designs too which, when displayed with birch and candles, creates a natural, completely relaxed and effortlessly chic look.” “Terrariums have fast become our go-to The Global Wellness Summit’s estimated value of the world’s wellness industry. Did you know? alternative solution for adding a sense of ‘cool’ to many of our events. Clients can create their own bespoke tropical worlds; combining modern geometric shapes with botanical plants in delicate glass containers. It’s a fresh and very contemporary solution. It also means that the client can keep the designs for other events that season; it can be reused and overall has a much longer shelf-life.” Turning up the heat for a wellness welcome Apex Hotels has introduced a new brand ambassador to help spearhead its new guest wellbeing campaign. Wellbeing expert Celynn Morin is working with the group to roll out its #WarmerWelcome. Celynn is a registered dietician, keynote speaker and author. She has worked alongside the brand to introduce guidance for guests on how to get the best out of their stay at Apex. #WarmerWelcome, which will be rolled out across the portfolio’s remaining nine properties across the UK in April, sees new in-room guide books detailing how to introduce a healthy routine. The guide also features Celynn’s top tips on getting a great-quality night’s sleep, including breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques – designed to complement Apex Hotels’ existing in-room set-up which includes Egyptian cotton and other luxuries. According to studies, flowers can positively impact on a person’s mood. Those studied reported less anxiety and depression.