Conference News April 2018 - Page 24

24 Cover Story Leaders will discuss, fireside- style, hot topics and trends, including the agency model of tomorrow A new, bespoke industry event, Global Event Summit, is set to bring the Davos touch to Chamomix he Global Event Summit 2018 in Chamonix is a new event designed to bring a select group of elite global eventprofs to share insights, trends and innovation, and discuss the agency model of tomorrow. The format will include a series of fireside chats in the Alpine resort, in an environment designed to be conducive to creative thought. The event will involve peer-to-peer discussion over two days, with opportunities for ‘blue sky’ thinking inspired by the slopes in Chamonix. The Summit will take place at Les Rives d’Argentière, Chamonix, France over the period 18-21 April. An exclusive group of meetings and agency leaders will be invited to discuss – chalet fireside style – hot topics and trends and, hopefully, chart some new courses for our great creative industry. Four content sessions over two days will also allow for a deeper dive into issues affecting us all. The destination is also keen to get involved and showcase itself, with the agenda including local activities and a chance to try out the slopes. CN is backing the event and we are hoping that clear skies and fresh air Above: Conferencing chalets in Chamonix are set up for fireside chats and strategic thinking that will be integral to the Global Event Summit will stimulate some blue sky thinking and brainstorming, and provide a platform for busy leaders to step away and engage in a collaborative workshop to discuss common challenges and, hopefully, create some solutions for our great industry of tomorrow. The Summit will take place at Les Rives d’Argentière, a collection of four luxury chalets (Granit, Cristal, Terre and Ardoise), 500m from the new gondola at Les Grands Montets. The chalets have shared facilities including a cinema, saunas and hammams, gyms, games rooms and libraries, all designed to offer corporate high-end events and their organisers a relaxing and elegant scenario conducive to creative thought. As part of the organising group of the Global Event Summit, CN is keen to encourage international event and booking agency chiefs, MDs and group operations and marketing directors to apply to attend. “The inaugural Global Event Summit was born from the vision to develop the events industry’s own Davos,” says event organiser Simon Farnfield. “We are bringing an exclusive group of influential minds together to discuss hot topics in a relaxed environment. “Les Rives d’Argentière, a luxury hamlet of chalets based in Chamonix, is the perfect place for this event to be held. Under the shadow of M Ё ѡ)չхɽݔЁѡ)ٕЁѼձ䁥ɔѡ)ٽٕɽ٥ͽɕ)ͥ́Ѽѡɔ%Ёݥ)ՍѥٕЁݥѠɕ)ɽ٥ѡՕ́ݥѠͽ)饹ɥ́ѡ́Ʌ)ѥհɕt)ȁɔɵѥȁѼ)ѕɕЁѕѡٕ́а)х͙ɹ͡