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Seoul Seoul MICE Tour Programmes B usiness visitors to Seoul will find plenty of ways to explore the city through an extensive range of themed and customisable tours, designed to complement any locally-hosted event. The Miracle on the Han River tour, for example, offers visitors the opportunity to see how rapidly Seoul has developed in the past 50 years by contrasting the old with the new at various locations along the river, dividing the city into its historic northern side and ultramodern southern district. For those more interested in South Korea’s work in the sustainable energy sector, the Sustainable Energy tour takes in Seoul’s successful efforts at energy conservation for future generations, with visits to the city’s major energy-production facilities, public information centres and areas showing how the city is working to create a balance between humans and their environment. Seoul on the Move is a tour that introduces Seoul’s cutting-edge transportation system – usage of which is actively encouraged by the city – and the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s commitment to public welfare at a time of high oil prices and the city’s ongoing efforts to enact eco-friendly policies. Meanwhile, Centres of Finance is an introduction to Korea’s financial hubs and monetary history, including a hands-on experience of the Korean stock market in the Yeouido International Finance District and a visit to the Korea Exchange Promotion Center. In the IT Industry Tour, the future of everyday communications technology via Seoul’s top industry providers can also be explored through visits to the brand exhibition centres of KT, SK Telecom and Samsung; Korean leaders in the field. Alternatively, take a close-up look at Korea’s cultural content industry in Seoul on Screen with a focus on video archiving, broadcasting and the broad-spectrum applications of digital video content actively in use across Seoul today. Meanwhile, the Multi-sector Success Stories tour is designed to show participants some of the key ways in which the public and private sector combine to create everyday world solutions in the 21st Century, while carefully preserving the solutions of the past that form part of the nation’s cultural collective. Some of Seoul’s most famous tourist attractions both ancient and modern are explored in Architectural Seoul. These include royal palaces, picturesque banquet hall mountain retreats, and Namsan Mountain, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Finally, Arts & Culture offers an alternative selection of Seoul’s most famous tourist attractions, including a still-surviving traditional Korean housing district. See the full list of tours at: Above Taking one of Seoul's many tours gives delegates an exciting insight into the city's culture and traditions CONFERENCE & MEETINGS WORLD 9