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Seoul Korea's heart and Seoul S eoul is one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations. It is a vibrant city, filled with examples of both an ancient past and an ultra-modern present. Its classical character is reflected in its centuries-old royal palaces, venerable Buddhist temples, and a host of well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage sites. In contrast, Seoul’s modern character is most visible through its extensive IT infrastructure. This cutting-edge know-how powers everything from communications to transport, entertainment facilities, and most notably, the city’s meeting facilities. Seoul’s natural environment is also a major part of the city’s makeup, including the mighty Hangang River; which, like the Thames, winds its way through the city centre. A rich variety of parkland ensures there are green spaces throughout the metropolis, some of them forming Bukhansan, a national park right at Seoul’s doorstep. With its natural ecology so beloved by both locals and visitors alike, Seoul is continually working to improve its green infrastructure. Newcomers to Seoul will discover plenty to see and do, as the Korean capital’s eclectic character has something for everyone. Shopaholics will be impressed by the many opportunities for retail therapy, while gourmands will love Korea’s rich and colourful cuisine, as well as the abundance of international fare. Seoul’s fun-loving citizens also ensure that there is always a festival or performance to enjoy whenever one visits. Matching Seoul’s broad appeal, the city’s comprehensive and world-class business events infrastructure places it alongside the best in the world. Top-notch convention centers and hotels to suit a wide range of budgets, along with a wealth of unique meeting venues, together make Seoul an accommodating place for international business visitors. Likewise, Seoul’s professional event organizers and service providers all contribute to the city’s competitiveness. Providing a gateway to all this and more is the Seoul Convention Bureau, working closely with event planners to get the best out of the city and ensure their meetings are a success. Global response to Seoul’s offerings has been very positive; since 2010, the city has stayed in the UIA top five of city rankings. For its part, Seoul continues to work hard to earn this acclaim, always striving to remain competitive, enthusiastic, and above all, “Your Complete Convention City”. CONFERENCE & MEETINGS WORLD 3