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Airline Supplement Alliance of science? N Above: Teamwork: airline allainces create better conference bids ovember 2015’s ICCA Congress in Buenos Aires brought representatives of the three main airline alliances to one podium for an enlightening session on how planners and destination marketing organisations could work more effectively with airlines and their alliances to design the best group deals. Oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam had their representatives on the panel in a rare show of force. All but one of the world's 20 biggest full-service network airlines are now signed up to one of the alliances. Session moderator Paul Ouimet, executive vice-president of InterVISTAS Consulting, told the audience 61% of passengers now used a global alliance partner, 18% a low cost carrier and 21% a non-aligned carrier. It would seem there are several reasons for the growth of global airline alliances: • More people want to fly to more places more easily and for greater value – but government restrictions and business economics make it impossible for any one airline to serve all these markets by itself. Allying with like-minded partner airlines enables carriers to provide customers with global travel solutions. • In the drive to reduce costs, airlines can achieve substantial efficiencies through working together. • Alliances help boost airlines' revenues and provide opportunities to maintain more routes and frequencies, by transferring passengers between members' networks. Alliances claim to offer access to global n ]