Conference & Meetings World Issue 91 - Page 8

News For all the latest breaking news, daily updates, visit: Business events to get visa overhaul? AUSTRALASIA - The Association of email the cmw editorial team with all your industry news: Cvent CEO: embrace event technology Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) has welcomed the opportunity to give advice on streamlining Australia’s visa system to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The Department had called for submissions with the intent of transforming the present system, reducing the current 99 visas to approximately 10 and making it easier to understand, easier to navigate, and more responsive to the country’s economic, social and security interests. Dublin venue will host UEFA draw EUROPE - The Convention Centre IMEX America wraps up Dublin (CCD), Ireland will host the live AMERICAS - Over 12,000 exhibitors, hosted buyers and attendees attended this year’s IMEX America. Hosted buyers accounted for more than 3,200 of the overall visitor total. Held at Sands Expo, Las Vegas, Tuesday and Wednesday were both recorded as the busiest days ever witnessed at the show..
 With more than 3,300 exhibitors representing 150 countries and a major expansion of the Inspiration Hub, the show’s education area, the seventh IMEX America was the largest ever. A significant factor in this growth was that 58 stands – 20% of returning exhibitors – had booked larger spaces and the show welcomed 64 new stands.
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