Conference & Meetings World Issue 91 - Page 58

AIPC PRESENTS A World of Quality! In the highly competitive world of international expectations, AIPC convention centre members have delivered quality facilities and services for more than fifty years, supported by programs that enhance knowledge, expertise and innovation in centre management. More than 175 AIPC member centres and 900 management professionals in over 57 countries around the world collectively demonstrate how diversity and quality can combine to create the best possible range of meeting experiences. And now, 28 of these centres have been accredited with AIPC Quality Standards status – the result of a comprehensive audit of all key management practices. This gives centre clients an even higher level of confidence – and us the opportunity to recognize their special achievements! Quality Matters and AIPC Stands for Quality! Looking for Quality? Our Quality Standards Certified Member Centres Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre Boston Convention & Exhibition Center John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston Brighton Centre Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre Cairns Convention Centre Calgary TELUS Convention Centre Cape Town International Convention Centre Cartagena de Indias Convention Center Darwin Convention Centre World Forum Convention Center The Hague Durban International Convention Center Finlandia Hall – Congress and Event Center, Helsinki İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar – ICEC Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Sibelius Hall, Congress and Concert Centre, Lahti Las Vegas Convention Center Lisboa Congress Centre London Convention Centre, Canada Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Palais des congrès de Montréal La Cité – Nantes Events Center Ottawa Convention Centre Québec City Convention Centre San Diego Convention Center Corp. Kursaal Congress Centre, San Sebastian Vancouver Convention Centre Ask us for the AIPC World of Quality directory of member centres by contacting AIPC at 2016 U PDATED ED ITIO N You Can A AIPC Qu ccess ality Around the Wor ld Just abou t anywhe re in the takes yo world yo u, you ca ur even n be ass t rotation centres ured of that deliv finding er the hig conventio services hest qu n through ality of fac their ne ilities an the Intern tworked d ational relation Associa ship with tion of Co AIPC, nventio n Centres. BILBAO, SPAIN BOSTON, UNITED STATES BEC CONVENTIONS – Bilbao Exhibition Centre Marisa Marín , Director TEL [34] 94 404 0067 | Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Bob Pellegrini, CASE , Vice President of Sales TEL [1] (617) 954 3331 | WINNER 2003 BILBAO, SPAIN BOSTON, UNITED STATES Bilbao Conference Centre and Concert Hall. Euskalduna Begoña Anguisola Renteria, Commercial Director TEL [34] (944) 035 000 | []\[[K]˙]\[[K]؈[Yܚ[KTH XH\Y[و[\•SWH MHMM H[Yܚ[PYۘ]\PۋB˔Yۘ]\PۋB[\۝[[ۈ[\TRSSKSUQSHTSSU SUQSBH[\][ۘ[۝[[ۈ[K\Z[[B[Y\[ۋ[\\X܂S H LH  LM[Y\˙[ېZX˘˝Z˝ZX˘˝Z\[[][\][ۘ[[B][K\X܈و[Y\•S H L H M L ] [P]K˝Z˘]K˝ZӐKUSHQSUTPBۙܙ\X[HۘB[[ۙKX[Y[\X܂SWH LJH LLLH[ۘXۙܙ\K]˘ۘXۙܙ\K]ۙܙ\[\Y[\[H]YX[XYو[\•S H MM L L\[K]YX[ۙܙ\[\B˚ۙܙ\[\BӓTPSHQӋSUQSBܛۙ\[H[\ۛX\YHpX[X]KR\X[[\X[Y\SWH HL LHKYX[X]Pܛ؛ۛB˝ܛ؛ۛHHYۈ[B^[ [\X[Y\S H LH L H^[YۋZݙK݋Z˘Yۘ[K˝Zۙ\[BQHVQHUS˘Z\˛ܙ