Conference & Meetings World Issue 91 - Page 53

TUT17 challenges the status quo and forces us to look at what we do and how we do it through different lenses City Report Mikkel AArø-hansen The most stimulating part of the programme, for me however, were the pitches from young and talented start-ups in the local Danish industry, including the idea of a new Norse Theme Park and Guide Catch app which allows travellers to connect with likeminded people available near them for either simply socialising or swapping skills and services. Anna Pollock’s infectious curiosity injected some harder analysis and insights into sustainability data, before Laura Cavallo of Destination Melbourne spoke about how local hosts could rediscover their home towns, illustrating this pride in localhood fr om concrete examples from the suburbs of Melbourne. A hotel panel brought some interesting points from funky brand 25hours and Zoku Hotels, although the Marriott International & Ritz-Carlton speaker’s input lazily failed to engage the bright ideas put forward by those looking for future hotel models and ways of doing things differently, rather reflecting a great example of self-satisfaction. “We want Copenhagen to continue to be at the forefront of tourism innovation - so we have a responsibility to create events that take tomorrow’s travel trends seriously. This is why Tomorrow’s Urban Travel is so relevant, because it challenges status quo of the industry and forces us to look at what we do and how we do it through different lenses,” Aarø-Hansen told CMW after the event. Consider the status quo truly challenged in Copenhagen! ISSUE 91 / C o n f e r e n ce & M ee t i n g s W o r l d / 53