Conference & Meetings World Issue 91 - Page 50

City Report Public tenders have taken place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Novi Sad and Belgrade (Serbia), sadly without success. Perhaps some of this investment will reach the region from China. Its ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative makes it potentially significant in terms of regional investment, with the Chinese government targeting Central and South East European countries as it seeks to link with industry in the region. According to Cizmek, Chinese investors and business event companies should be considered as serious potential investors in the continued development of event infrastructure as well as in the development of strategic partnerships with fair organisers from Central and South East Europe. The One Belt, One Road initiative can be seen in effect at the 6th China-Central Eastern European Summit of Leaders, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary, on 27-30 November. More than 100 Chinese companies and 300 CEE companies are expected to attend the event, organised by the Bank of China. To further promote the development of China-Central East European Countries (CEEC) investment and trade, and to create a platform for cooperation and exchanges between enterprises, the Bank of China will also co-host the 7th China-CEEC Economic and Trade Forum SME matchmaking event, and the 2017 China-CEE SME Co-operation Matchmaking Meeting. The latter will be jointly organised by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, aimed at bringing together hundreds of Chinese and Central and Eastern European business customers to discuss cooperation, and business opportunities. This is the first time SME cross-border matchmaking will be featured as part of the leader summit, and according to Cizmek, will become “a grand event to highlight the economic and trade forum, helping to further tighten Chinese-CEE co-operation”. But of course China is not the only 50 / Conference & Meetings World / Above: Chinese companies should be considered as serious investors in the continued development of event instrastructure in Central and SE Europe ISS U E 9 1 major Asian market with its eye on the CEE region. Cizmek recently met with H.E. Ambassador Sandeep Kumar about business op ܝ[]Y\܈[X[\[Y\[ܛ]XH[\X[\YB]X\[ۈHUKH[H\›و\X[\H[\\[[XH\B[و[H܈[X[\[\\Yۈ]\H[HUH[HX\]8&\L Hۜ[Y\˂\\Z[ܛ]X[][B]XH[x&\UHY[X\\ X\HTH]\Hۙ\[HۂMݙ[X\ܙ[\Y[YܙXBHX[Hو[\[K[]\]HقYܙX[TH]\H ]\X[]\X[]ܚ܈H[[ۈقX[ Y[[[\X[X]]JK[H]\X[[Hۙ\[BXݛZ˂[\YۚYX[][Z\XB[ٚXK[\XK[X\ Hۙ^ܛX]]X\]\X[^X][ۂ[ۙ\[Hۈ[\HYXY[B[[]XH[\H QH JHZ\œXH]H[\^ ۙܙ\[\[H][YH[Y]\[\]ܜ]\XK[][K[\XKޙX\XX[X\\X[KܙYXK][K]X[XKܝ^KB]\[]ܙXH[]\[ [\\][\HۂHܛ[[X[܈[\H[BY[ۈ]۝[Y\HZ[]YB\X[\K\][Y[و]YXœ\\\[[\HڙX[[\][ۘ[][Y[]Y[ؘ[^Y\[Z\[[[]X\]\X[\\\XX[B[\X\][]H[\Y\ZB\\KP X\[Y][XY\ܝ[X[ [[XYH[Y]HHܙX][ۈقY[ۘ[Y][ۜو\X][ۋY[ܜY ؘ[H[Y][˂'ݙ[XKܛ]XK\XKۚXH[\Yݚ[K[۝[YܛTKݛ[[[XKܛ]XH[\XB\HHY][ۜ\B][Y[[[H][][HYۚYX[܈HܛقHH]X\]\X[Y[ۋ8'B^YZۘY\