Conference & Meetings World Issue 91 - Page 37

Country Report Tourism to South Africa has hit an all-time high, according to Euromonitor Southern hospitality South Africa has become a must-see destination for MICE planners, and a springboard for Sub-Saharan Africa ohannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) CEO Craig Newman has a reputation as a passionate and knowledgable advocate of the country’s event possibilities. He tells CMW: “The market in South Africa has been up and down but it is well-established. Right now, there’s a tremendous amount of interest with a lot of big organisations seeing South Africa as a gateway into the rest of Africa. They’re attracted by the expertise, experience, and the professional people we have. The solid infrastructure and networking opportunities are also a pull.” The positivity comes at a time of change for South Africa. Although it officially climbed out of a recession this year, there are bitter divisions within its ruling party, the ANC, and declines in business confidence. President Jacob Zuma, meanwhile, narrowly survived a secretive no-confidence vote. Above: JEC CEO Craig Newman ISSUE91 Atoning for this are recoveries in South Africa’s agricultural, mining and e lectricity markets. Tourism, meanwhile, has hit an all time high according to Euromonitor reports. Spintelligent’s CEO David Ashdown highlights the challenges working in remote areas such as Lubumbashi in DRC and Chisamba in Zambia: “You don’t always have the luxury of a CTICC facility like in Cape Town. You have to make it work with what you are given and we / C o n f e r e n ce & M ee t i n g s W o r l d / 37